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Clash Royale — Dec 5, 2017

2017 World Finals Champion - Sergio Ramos

From 27.4 million participants, down to 16 players, 1 winner came out on top.

Hailing from Mexico, Sergio Ramos came to London with one thing on his mind... becoming the 2017 Clash Royale Crown Champion. It wasn't easy, but these two 'Sergio Ramos signature decks' made it happen.

Deck #1
If you fancy using Golem, Furnace or Poison - this is the deck for you. See it in action!

Deck #2 
A crowd favorite, and the final deck that secured the $150,000 grand prize - watch how a sneaky Bandit ends it all!

Didn't have time to enjoy the World Finals? Watch the full show here!

See you in the 2018 WORLD FINALS Arena, 
The Clash Royale Team