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Clash Royale — Oct 8, 2023


The Clash Royale Tourism Board invites you to visit the Spooky Town Outskirts!

This quaint little village has a friendly coven of Witches living in a picturesque castle, overlooking the town.

It even has its own Arena, where the Witches like to test out their new spells on unsuspecting opponents.

During Clash-O-Ween, the villagers take to living in giant pumpkins, and create a savoury pumpkin soup from the carving.

Normally the outskirts are very busy during this time of year, but the populace has mysteriously disappeared... there are a lot of Hogs roaming about though.

Some of them are even wearing the villagers' clothes! How delightful. Visit the Spooky Town Outskirts today and have a very memorable Clash-O-Ween experience!


50S Bats Lane,
Spooky Town Outskirts,
The Arena.