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Clash Royale — Feb 10, 2023


The year is already underway, but we want to share what we are working on and what you can expect from the game in the upcoming 6 months.

Coming to the game soon-ish:


Our main goal here is to make Seasons interesting for players and offer them new ways to unlock the progression that they need.

  • Pass Royale update

We are updating and upgrading Pass Royale! This means a design rework and offering different options for different players. The variety of rewards will be increased!

  • Improving the "Events" tab

As part of the Season overhaul, we want to make the Events tab (where you play Challenges) more relevant by making Challenges more engaging and offering better rewards.

We also want to make the fun game modes that are community hits last longer, and this is where they will live. Imagine a world where you can play with Super Magic Archer all the time!

  • Seasonal Currency & Season Shop

The words ‘currency’ and ‘shop’ are enough to make gamers groan in disbelief.

But we think you’ll like these ones!

We’ve seen the feedback that Event rewards have been… lacking.

Our new plan is to create a Seasonal currency that you can earn through playing Challenges! This can then be spent in the Seasonal Shop on the items that you want.

No more 8-Win Golden Chests. More choices for how you want to play and progress!

One more thing we're currently working on:

  • New Gameplay

This is our most important and exciting update, and we're looking forward to showing it to you, but we'll have to wait just a little bit more before revealing anything major.

We can already tell you that it will introduce a new layer of depth for Clash Royale gameplay, where you will unlock new powers for your favorite cards.

This new gameplay layer will come side-by-side with a new Card Level (15) and will affect a whole host of cards on launch.


Well, not really. We planned to add more new features and lots of cool stuff during the year, but this should cover the first half at least!

Please note that everything here is at a very early stage of development and can be changed.

If you have ideas or feedback, let us know on our Socials:

See you in the Arena!

- The Clash Royale team