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Clash Royale — Jun 16, 2018

New Collection Day Game Mode!

Recently, we ran a Blind Deck Challenge called "Archetype Deck" and it was so well received that we decided to make it a Clan Wars Collection Day game mode!

We imagined the now-renamed "Classic Decks" as a way to show players the power of each strategy in the game. Many cards demand an entire deck built around them - these cards are called 'win conditions'. We picked the 12 most beloved win conditions in the game and created decks around them.

These decks were designed to be very linear, focused on executing a single strategy as clearly as possible. Each deck has no more than 2 Legendary Cards, so when you unlock a new Legendary you have a clear recipe for success - just use a Classic Deck as your starting point!

We think the Classic Decks Battle is a great way for new players to jump right into Clan Wars at level 8 and prove their prowess, while learning about all the strategies Clash Royale has to offer!

We're excited to add this mode to Clan Wars because it will be the first time that players will ALWAYS have a tournament-levels battle available on Collection Day! Starting with the June update, your Collection Day options will be:


  • Classic Decks (tournament levels)

  • Draft (tournament levels)

  • Sudden Death (own-card levels)


  • Normal Elixir (own-card levels)

  • Double Elixir (own-card levels)

Now players of every level will have a unique game mode to compete in. This is just one of many Clan Wars improvements coming in the June update, so while you wait check out all 12 Classic Decks below:

Read more about deck design and stats on reddit!

See you in the Arena,
The Clash Royale Team