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Clash Royale — Mar 24, 2023

Pass Royale Price Changes

If you checked our recent Pass Royale Update Preview, you will know that we are making some changes to Pass Royale in the next update, coming at the end of this month.

As we now have three different Pass Royale options available, we have also updated our prices to reflect the changes.

Prices from April 3rd onwards (USD)

  • FREE Pass - Free

  • GOLD Pass - $5.99

  • DIAMOND Pass - $11.99

  • Gold Pass UPGRADE to Diamond Pass - $6.99

The new Passes will be available starting with the new Season on April 3rd, so if you want to take advantage of the current Pass Royale, make sure you do so before this Season ends!

Why are the prices changing?

  • Pass Royale has stayed at the same price since its introduction in 2019 and global inflation and other economical changes have influenced this decision. (This does not count mandatory increases by app stores, which are out of our control).

  • Magic Items increased the value of Pass Royale massively. Because certain Magic Items were available through Pass Royale it meant that other items (Books, Wild Cards etc.) outside of the Pass needed to be more expensive in order to keep the game's economy balanced.

    By changing the contents of Pass Royale, we can now offer individual Magic Items (i.e Books) at better prices for players outside of Pass Royale, in places like the Season Shop or the regular Shop.

Free Pass changes

The value of the Free Pass is similar to before, with the Season Tokens providing even more value for players with the addition of the Season Shop. To find out more, check out our Season Tokens Update Preview here!

Rewards Breakdown

Here is a reward breakdown for all of the new Passes that will be available for players, available in the new Season starting April 3rd!

Free Pass

  • 1 x Gold Crate

  • 35 x Crown Chests

  • 2500 x Season Tokens

Gold Pass

(Includes Free Pass rewards)

  • 840 x Common Wild Cards

  • 180 x Rare Wild Cards

  • 88 x Epic Wild Cards

  • 5 x Legendary Wild Cards

  • 10 x Plentiful Gold Crates

  • 5000 x Season Tokens

  • 1 x Tower Skin

  • 1 x Emote

  • 6 x Chest Keys

Also includes the following perks:

  • Golden name

  • Automatic chest unlocking

  • Clan gift

  • Unlimited re-entries and continues for Special Challenges

Diamond Pass

(Includes Free Pass + Gold Pass rewards)

  • 500 x Gems

  • 7500 x Season Tokens

  • 10 x Overflowing Gold Crates

  • 2 x Giant Chests

  • 2 x Magic Chests

  • 1 x Royal Wild Chest

  • 1 x Champion Card

  • 1 x Animated Battle Banner

Includes all Gold Pass perks.

Upgrades the Clan gift to a premium Clan gift.

These changes will be live on April 3rd!

The above features are still in development and may be subject to change.