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Clash Royale — Sep 7, 2020



- 1v1 Duelli Open: 22 maggio - 29 maggio

- 1v1 Duelli Open Finals (trasmissione): 9 giugno

- 1v1 Megastrategica Open: 12 giugno - 19 giugno

- 1v1 Megastrategica Open Finals (trasmissione): 22 giugno

- 2v2 Open: 3 luglio - 10 luglio

- 2v2 Open Finals: 14 luglio

- Season Finals (trasmissione): 29 luglio e 30 luglio

Le Season Finals presenterà le migliori 8 coppie tra tutti e 3 i formati.

Le Season Finals farà competere le squadre in tutte e 3 le modalità (Duelli 1v1, Megastrategica 1v1, 2v2) e incoronerà la miglior coppia nella stagione 3 della Snapdragon Pro Series!

Only available in Season 15!

  • Colossal Castle Tower Skin

  • Exclusive Goblin Thumbs Up Emote

  • FREE

    Clan Boat Bastion Tower Skin

Once unlocked you will keep these forever, but they can only be earned in Season 15!

  • 1v1-Duelle - Open Cup:

    22. Mai - 29. Mai

  • 1v1 Duelle - Open Finals (übertragen):

    9. Juni

  • 1v1 Megaauswahl - Open Cup:

    12. Juni - 19. Juni

  • 1v1 Megaauswahl- Open Finals (übertragen):

    22. Juni

  • 2v2 Open Cup:

    3. Juli - 10. Jul

  • 2v2 Open Finals:

    14. Juli

  • Saisonfinale (übertragen):

    29. Juli und 30. Juli

Das Saisonfinale wird die besten 8 Duos in allen 3 Formaten dabei haben.

Beim Saisonfinale treten die Duos in allen 3 Modi an (1v1 Duele, 1v1 Megaauswahl, 2v2) und wir krönen das beste Duo in Saison 3 der Snapdragon Pro Series!


Want to compete in a cross-regional tournament? See what Season 3 of the Snapdragon Pro Series is all about!

With $25,000 in prizes and new ways to compete and win, players from NA, LATAM, + Europe & MENA have a chance to win big!

Tournament Structure:
Every Open format type listed below will feature 3 Open Cups. The winners of these cups will qualify directly to their corresponding Open Finals, while other competitors will earn points towards their ranking. The Top 5 players from the ranking system will also qualify for the Open Finals. The Top 8 players from their respective qualifiers will face off in a single elimination bracket to crown the champion!

1v1 Duels Open: May 22nd, 26th, 29th

1v1 Duels Open Finals (Broadcasted): June 9th

1v1 Mega Draft Open: June 12th, 17th, 19th

1v1 Mega Draft Open Finals (Broadcasted): June 22nd

2v2 Open: July 3rd, 7th, 10th

2v2 Open Finals: July 14th

Season Finals (Broadcasted): July 29th & July 30th

The Season Finals will feature the best 8 duos across all 3 formats.

The Season Finals will have the duos compete in all 3 modes (1v1 Duels, 1v1 Mega Draft, 2v2) and crown the best duo in Season 3 of the Snapdragon Pro Series!

Sign up for our tournaments here!

How to Play:

1. Register an ESL Play account.

2. Sign up for the Snapdragon Mobile Open cups!

See you in the Arena,
Clash Royale Esports Team


After all 35 Tiers have been completed, the Bonus Bank becomes available to fill! The Bonus Bank allows you to collect extra gold.

Each 10 Crowns earned adds 250 Bonus Bank Gold until your Bonus Bank is full!

Claim all of your Bonus Bank Gold at the end of the Season.


Simply by playing and earning Crowns, you will progress through Pass Royale tiers and unlock new rewards!


  • Each Reward Tier takes 10 Crowns to unlock. A tier contains 1 Pass Royale reward & 1 Crown Chest.

  • You have no timers on Reward Tier unlocks, so all you have to do is earn Crowns!


  • Each Reward Tier contains 1 Crown Chest.

  • Every 24 hours, 1 Reward Tier will unlock. Except on weekends, when 2 tiers unlock every 24 hours!

The last tier of every Season will contain a Legendary Chest instead of a regular Crown Chest!

  • Crown Chests stack throughout a Season - don't worry if you don't manage to unlock one every day!

You can earn Crowns in any game mode except Training Camp, Friendly Battles & Private Tournaments!


Don't have Pass Royale? You can earn the following FREE rewards:

  • TOWER SKIN (Clan Boat Bastion)!

  • 34 Crown Chests



    & cards of any rarity)


    (if you are in Arena 6 or higher at the start of the Season)


  • Open Clash Royale

  • Tap Pass Royale

    at the top of your screen, or in the Shop

  • Purchase Pass Royale

  • Congrats - you now have Pass Royale!

    Enjoy the exclusive rewards and good luck in Season 15!

Pass Royale is valid for the Season in which it is purchased (Season 15, for example)

Vous voulez participer à un tournoi interrégional ? Découvrez en quoi consiste la Saison 3 de la Snapdragon Pro Series !

Avec une cagnotte s'élevant à 25 000 $ et de nouvelles façons de concourir et de gagner, les joueurs des régions NA, LATAM, + Europe & MENA ont une chance de gagner gros !

Structure du tournoi :
Chaque format Open répertorié ci-dessous comportera 3 Open Cups. Les vainqueurs de ces coupes se qualifieront directement pour leurs Open Finals correspondantes, tandis que les autres compétiteurs gagneront des points pour leur classement. Les 5 meilleurs joueurs du système de classement se qualifieront également pour les Open Finals. Les 8 meilleurs joueurs de leurs qualifications respectives s'affronteront dans un bracket à élimination directe afin de couronner le champion !