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Clash Royale — Jan 20, 2020

Season 7 Global Tournament!

Global Tournament Changes!

Since launching Global Tournaments over a year ago, we have received lots of feedback from players.

Because of this feedback, we have restructured our Global Tournaments to highlight skilled and competitive players each Season and provide all players with more rewards.

What's New?

  • One Global Tournament per Season

  • Increased Rewards

  • Top 100 'Hall of Fame'

  • Exclusive

    Global Tournament King Emote for finishing in the top 100

How do Global Tournaments work?

  • You must be King Level 8 to enter

  • Tournament Standard Level Cap (9)

  • Earn


    rewards by winning matches

  • Unlock BONUS REWARDS with Gems

  • 5 losses and

    you're out

    (no continues or re-entries)

Good Luck, Have Fun!

We are kicking off these changes with the SEASON 7 GLOBAL TOURNAMENT, starting soon in the Challenges tab!

Head there now to see what rewards you can win.