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Clash Royale — Jun 27, 2017

The Summer of 2v2 Is Almost Here!

Join us this July for a 2v2 extravaganza!

The Summer of 2v2 is the co-opiest, best friendiest, alley-oopiest season. Of. All. Time.

We're rolling out a bunch of new 2v2 game modes and Challenges.

Check below for the details:

  • All Month:

     2v2 Quick Match and Play with Friends (+ Clan Chest every weekend!)

  • June 30:

     2v2 Challenge

  • July 7:

     2v2 Draft Challenge

  • July 14:

     2v2 Sudden Death Challenge

  • July 21:

     2v2 Double Elixir Draft Challenge

  • July 28:

     2v2 "Special Event"

See you in the Arena!