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Clash Royale — Mar 3, 2023

Update Preview: Pass Royale Revamp

We already shared our ROADMAP for the next two updates, so let's take a deep dive into one of the new features coming with the update later this month...


Pass Royale has remained largely unchanged since it launched in 2019 (has it really been that long?) so we are giving it a well deserved revamp in the next update.

Each Reward Tier will now be split into 3 versions of Pass Royale, each with their own rewards to unlock!

These tiers will be FREE, GOLD, and DIAMOND.

Our goal here is to give Pass Royale buyers more bang for their buck, and to allow players to collect the rewards that they need to by adding our new Season Tokens to the FREE tier.


Crowns are still the main way to unlock rewards on Pass Royale, but now you will be able earn up to SIX Crowns per Battle!

Each of your own Crown Towers left standing will now also give you a Crown!

Each enemy Crown Tower that you destroy in a Battle still gives you one Crown.

Dominated your opponent? Get rewarded for it!


We're extending Pass Royale to cover a much greater number of Rewards Tiers. This will be replacing the Gold Bank and allowing players to unlock more Reward Tiers overall with a much longer Pass.


Pass Royale will now be a place where you can unlock various rewards from new Battle Banners to classic Magic Items and premium cosmetics!

The biggest addition to Pass Royale is the introduction of the new Season Tokens, which can be spent in the new upcoming Season Shop, allowing you to purchase exactly what you need, instead of relying on lucky drops from Chests.

Find out more on that in the next Update Preview!

The above feature is a work in progress and may differ from the final version.