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Clash Royale — Mar 17, 2023

Update Preview: Season Tokens & More!

A new update is coming at the end of the month! The following is a preview of some new features that will be released.

We’ve given the Events Tab (the place where you play Special Challenges) a much needed makeover, introducing features that address key concerns we have heard from the Clash Royale community.


The biggest change to Events (any game mode in the Events Tab) is that pre-determined rewards are no longer a thing.

We heard lots of feedback about how it wasn’t worth playing certain Challenges for a Golden Chest at 8 wins, or a card you didn’t need.

To make it easier for players to get the rewards that they want, we have introduced SEASON TOKENS.

Each Event that you play will earn you Season Tokens, which you can then spend in the SEASON SHOP.

The Season Shop will have a variety of rewards to spend your Season Tokens on such as Gold, Magic Items (including Books), Wild Cards, Battle Banners, Emotes and more.

How To Get Season Tokens

  • Play Events

  • Progress through Pass Royale (including the Free Pass)


An Update For Losers

We wanted to make both winning and losing feel better, so we have implemented a new system to earn Season Tokens from Events.

You earn Season Tokens at the end of an Event Battle based on the following:

  • Crown Towers Destroyed

  • Crown Towers Defended

  • Elixir Spent

You can earn up to 1000 Season Tokens a day by playing Events. This Daily Cap can be increased with a Season Boost, up to a maximum of 7000 Tokens per day!

You can still continue to play Events even after you hit your Daily Cap.


The Events Tab now contains a selection of game modes.

  • Special Challenge

  • 1v1

  • 2v2

Endless Special Challenges

You can now play Special Challenges as much as you want while they are available!

This was one of the most requested changes to Special Challenges. No more losing 3 times and not being able to play the newest game mode, or completing a Challenge and being locked out from playing more.

It also means no more paying Gems to continue playing, so you can earn rewards via Season Tokens without any downsides... not counting the random 2v2 partner that plays 10 Elixir at the bridge.

Party Mode 2: Party Harder

Party mode is back from the dead, returned from its hamburger menu exile to an easily accessible place.

Now located in the Events Tab, you can play both through a variety of 1v1 and 2v2 game modes that are rotated regularly.

Even Playing Field

Card Levels and Tower Power are now capped at Level 11 while playing any Events. Nice.

We hope that you enjoy the changes and keep your eyes peeled for the update coming at the end of the month!

The above features are currently in development and may differ from the final versions.