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Clash Royale — Sep 1, 2022


Clash Fest is a full month-long Clash celebration that will feature unique in-game and out-of-game events in both Clash Royale and Clash of Clans games!

Let's celebrate the biggest Clash event of the year with many fantastic prizes. Get ready to put your skills to the test with 7 in-game Challenges - each one focused on a different theme- and enjoy the exclusive content pieces on our social media pages, such as documentaries, behind-the-scenes, intros of the week, creator events, Q&A, and more!

Are you an esports fan? We got you!

The Clash Fest will cover all the events related to the World Finals, which will be hosted in Helsinki, Finland, between September 23-25th!

We'll keep you posted as the time progresses, but for now, let's focus on the 7 in-game Challenges.


There will be a total of 7 unique Challenges throughout September and early October. Each one will have a special prize which will be raffled to any person attempting each of the challenges.

Yes, even by just trying once!

Thursday September 1st:

  • #1 Challenge: Triple Elixir Challenge

  • EMOTE: Complete the challenge and earn the Party Elixir Golem Emote.

  • Raffle prize: Tickets, flights and hotels to World Finals in Helsinki for the winner + 1 friend

WINNER: Player "kimjun" is the raffle winner and is on the way to the world finals!

Monday September 5th:

  • #2 Challenge: Retro Royale Challenge

  • EMOTE: Complete the challenge and earn the Goblin Carnival Emote

  • Raffle prize: Limited edition Golden P.E.K.K.A signed by CR team and an iPad

Monday September 12th:

  • #3 Challenge: Duel Challenge

  • EMOTE: Complete the challenge and earn the Self Heal Emote

Friday September 16th:

  • #4 Challenge: 2v2

  • EMOTE: Complete the challenge and earn the Epic High Five Emote

  • Raffle prize: Clash Royale merch boxes to the winner and their clan mates

Monday September 19th:

  • #5 Challenge: Ban-Pick Duels

  • EMOTE: Complete the challenge and earn the All Seeing Emote

Friday September 23rd:

  • #6 Challenge: Sudden Death

  • EMOTE: Complete the challenge and earn the Watching You Emote

  • Raffle prize: 10 winners will receive Clash Royale Esports Merch

Monday September 26th - October 2nd

  • #7 Challenge: Ramp Up

  • EMOTE: Complete the challenge and earn the High Voltage Emote

NOTE: The winner must be able to travel to the World Finals which will take place on September 23rd-25th in Helsinki, Finland.

ALL winners will receive an in-game message (in your in-game inbox under the social icon) and MUST reply within 24 hours to confirm their prize. If the winner doesn’t reply, then the prize will be raffled again until an eligible winner is found.

It's time to Clash for glory, rewards and a ton of fun!