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Clash Royale — Mar 24, 2023

An Update For Losers!



  • Events Tab Revamp

Earn rewards whether you win or lose! Play Events to earn Season Tokens. All Events are casual, and you can play them as many times as you want - no continues or losses here!

  • Season Shop and Season Tokens

The Season Shop provides you with a large selection of rewards to spend your Season Tokens on, allowing you to progress the way that you want.

  • Pass Royale Revamp

Enjoy the new, bigger, Pass Royale! We now have three different Passes available, FREE, GOLD & DIAMOND!

  • Bug fixes and improvements

All the totally fun broken stuff we have fixed this update.

Read on for the full notes for each feature!


You will now have three Events, all containing different game modes:

  • Main Event

  • 1v1 Event

  • 2v2 Event

These Events will all award SEASON TOKENS.

Main Event

The Main Event will be similar to old Special Challenges, featuring new gameplay or cards, like Super Troops.

The main difference however, is that you can now play these Challenges as long as they are available - you do not need to retry or continue them.

This is great for new game modes as you can try out new decks or, if you really like a specific mode, play as much as you want!

The Main Event will rotate to different game modes throughout a Season.

1v1 and 2v2

Game modes that were featured in the Party button now live in the Events Tab, so you can look forward to playing your favorite game modes here.

There will be an ongoing rotation of game modes with the 1v1 and 2v2 Events, at a higher frequency than the Main Event.


To make it easier for players to get the rewards that they want, we have introduced SEASON TOKENS.

Each Event that you play will earn you Season Tokens, which you can then spend in the SEASON SHOP.

The Season Shop contains a variety of rewards to choose from, such as Gold, Magic Items (including Books), Wild Cards, Battle Banners, Emotes and more. These rewards will change each Season.

Earning Season Tokens

  • Play Events

  • Pass Royale (including Free Pass)

  • The Shop


You can earn up to 1000 Season Tokens a day by playing Events.

This Daily Cap can be increased with a Season Boost, up to a maximum of 7000 Tokens! You can find the Season Boost in the Season Shop.

Your Season Boost will reset at the same time as your Daily Cap.

You can still continue to play Events even after you hit your Daily Cap.

Update For Losers

We wanted to make winning and losing feel better, so we have implemented a new system to earn Season Tokens from Events.

You earn a certain amount of Season Tokens at the end of an Event Battle based on the following:

  • Crown Towers Destroyed

  • Crown Towers Defended

  • Elixir Spent

The Season Shop (and your Season Tokens) will reset every Season, so make sure to get what you need before a new Season starts.


  • Card Levels and Tower Power are capped at Level 11

  • Classic Challenges are still available!

  • Special Challenges that require continues, retries, or only allow for a certain amount of losses still exist (but are now not the only way to experience new events and gameplay)

  • You can only earn Season Tokens from Events, you don't earn Crowns, chests, or Victory Gold


Each Reward Tier will now be split into 3 versions of Pass Royale, each with their own rewards to unlock!

These tiers will be FREE, GOLD, and DIAMOND.

Crowns are still the main way to unlock rewards on Pass Royale, but now you will be able earn up to SIX Crowns per Battle.

Update For Losers!

Each of your own Crown Towers left standing will now also give you a Crown!

Each enemy Crown Tower that you destroy in a Battle still gives you one Crown.

Dominated your opponent? Get rewarded for it!

More Reward Tiers

We're extending Pass Royale to cover a much greater number of Rewards Tiers. This will be replacing the Gold Bank and allowing players to unlock more Reward Tiers overall with a much longer Pass.

Different Rewards

Pass Royale will now be a place where you can unlock various rewards from new Battle Banners to classic Magic Items and premium cosmetics!

The biggest addition to Pass Royale is the introduction of the new Season Tokens, which can be spent in the Season Shop, allowing you to purchase what you need, instead of relying on lucky drops from Chests.

Reward Breakdown


  • 1 x Gold Crate

  • 35 x Crown Chests

  • 2500 x Season Tokens


(Includes Free Pass rewards)

  • 840 x Common Wild Cards

  • 180 x Rare Wild Cards

  • 88 x Epic Wild Cards

  • 5 x Legendary Wild Cards

  • 10 x Plentiful Gold Crates

  • 5000 x Season Tokens

  • 1 x Tower Skin

  • 1 x Emote

  • 6 x Chest Keys

Also includes the following perks:

  • Golden name

  • Automatic chest unlocking

  • Clan gift

  • Unlimited re-entries and continues for Special Challenges


(Includes Free Pass + Gold Pass rewards)

  • 500 x Gems

  • 7500 x Season Tokens

  • 10 x Overflowing Gold Crates

  • 2 x Giant Chests

  • 2 x Magic Chests

  • 1 x Royal Wild Chest

  • 1 x Champion Card

  • 1 x Animated Battle Banner

Includes all Gold Pass perks.

Upgrades the Clan gift to a premium Clan gift.


✅ Fixed a crash when sending Emotes in 2v2 post-Battle screen
✅ Updated Royal Tournament description incorrectly claiming that you can reset losses
✅ Emotes sent after Battle ends now add progress to the 'Use Emote' Daily Task
✅ Stone steps in Path of Legends now don’t break when a Battle ends in a tie
✅ Fixed an issue where a player opponent could not hear the opponent’s Champion Ability SFX
✅ Fixed a pathfinding issue related to Golem sight range
✅ Fixed an issue where Arrows did x2 Damage to King Towers in 2v2
✅ Improved The Log and Barbarian Barrel collision detection
✅ Added missing 'Years Played' Badges
✅ Fixed the indicator in the "use Wild Card" screen
✅ Fixed an issue where the Challenger I badge appeared in the clan info screen for players that did not unlock Path of Legends
✅ Fixed a Crash when opening a queued chest after launching the game
✅ Fixed an issue where the Path of Legends leaderboard failed to load after collecting rewards
✅ Fixed an issue where the Elixir Multiplier was not displayed in replays
✅ Increased Monk reflection radius for Fireball and Giant Snowball