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Clash Royale β€” Apr 4, 2022

Balance Changes April 2022

These changes are now LIVE!


  • Mighty Miner


    (April 8)

  • Earthquake


    (April 8)

  • Mirror


  • Golden Knight


  • Giant Skeleton


  • Archers


  • Ice Spirit


  • Tombstone


  • Ram Rider


  • Archer Queen


  • Graveyard


  • Valkyrie


  • Mega Knight


  • Elixir Collector πŸ”„

  • Electro Giant πŸ”„

Read all the changes and the reason for them below!


  • Explosive Escape ability cost: 2 -> 1 ☝️

  • Immune to knockback ☝️

We've identified 2 areas where Mighty Miner can sometimes struggle - being interrupted while drilling and successfully using his ability. With these changes, we hope to see more value from his drill connections and an easier choice on when to use his Explosive Escape!


  • Crown Tower Damage: -23% πŸ‘‡

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the most OP card of them all?

The new MirrorMetaℒ️ has brought some 'interesting' decks and the most 'interesting' includes an Earthquake spell cycle which is very punishing to play against, with almost no counterplay available. This should alleviate the overall Damage this deck is capable of dealing in a short amount of time.


  • Now gives +2 level instead of +1 level ☝️

Mirror has been a weak card forever and considered more as a situational surprise card. With this change, we hope it will make it a solid choice and spice up deck building.


  • Dash Range:

    ☝️ (5 -> 6)

  • Dash Chain stops whenever he reaches a Tower

The previous nerf was a bit too harsh, so we're reverting part of it!

Stopping his Dash Chain when reaching a Tower will make him more predictable while bringing more Tower damage value. But the King Tower activation will be harder to do.


  • Hit Speed: ☝️ (7% faster)

  • Hitpoints:


Poor Giant Skeleton hasn’t been able to find a place in the arena yet.

Our goal is to make him a viable win condition, so we added more survivability for him to reach the Towers more easily.


  • Hit speed:

    ☝️ (+9%)

Archers have been underused recently. They changed their bows' strings and should now compete again with other range units.


  • Freeze duration: ☝️ (+30%)

We want to provide more distinct use for the Ice Spirit compared to his counterparts the Electro Spirit. With that buff, the Ice Spirit should be used for longer unit control, while the Electro Spirit will be for crowd control and shorter stun/retarget.


  • Spawn rate:

    πŸ‘‡ (5% slower)

The card made a strong comeback with the last rework... Too strong actually. We're tuning it a bit down.


  • Slow effect:

    πŸ‘‡ (-85% -> -70%)

The Ram Rider is great to counter-attack, but the slow effect is too strong, making the affected units barely move.

This nerf should still keep the effect significant while removing the feeling of "rooting" a card.


  • Ability hit speed boost:

    πŸ‘‡ (+200% -> +180%)

The Queen is still dominant in the Arena despite the previous nerfs.

We think her hitpoints are in the right place, so her ability seems like the best candidate for a change.


  • Spawned skeletons: πŸ‘‡ (-1)

After the Giant's buff and Mother Witch's nerf, the Graveyard has gained too much strength in the past few months.

We're adjusting his power by removing Barry. Sorry, Barry.


  • Hitpoints: πŸ‘‡ (-4%)

The Valkyrie has been the most used mini-tank in the game for a long time. With this sight nerf, we hope that she'll be less of a jack-of-all-trades Card and leave space for her counterparts.


  • Spawn damage: πŸ‘‡ (-20%)

Despite his classy deploy jump being his main feature, it's frustrating for many players that he can destroy a whole push at the bridge and then go for a counter-attack.

He is heavily used in the lower trophy range and not so much at the top of the ladder, so nerfing him too much would make the card unusable. With this nerf, players will need to time their deployment a bit more and perhaps add more support cards to counter an opponent's push.


  • +1 Elixir at destruction πŸ”„

  • Duration: πŸ‘‡ (70s -> 65s)

  • Elixir generation: πŸ‘‡ (8.5s -> 9s)

The Elixir Collector is truly a unique Card but has had a low usage rate for quite a long time now.

Adding 1 Elixir at destruction should bring better tradeoffs for spells. It will generate the same total Elixir as before (8).


  • Elixir cost: πŸ”„ (8 -> 7)

  • Hitpoints: πŸ‘‡ (-15%)

  • Damage:

    πŸ‘‡ (-15%)

The Electro Giant has been too punishing to play against if you were not carrying a building in your deck. He's now cheaper, but also less tanky, making him easier to counter even without buildings. He's also taking the spot of a 7 Elixir tank, which was previously empty.

Note: his damage nerf doesn't apply to his reflected damage, which is still the same as the Zap spell.

These changes are now LIVE!

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See you in the Arena!

The Clash Royale Team