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Clash Royale — Apr 4, 2023



First Hit: 0.1sec > 0.5 sec [slower]

In terms of First Hit speed, Archers were on the very high end of the spectrum with a 0.1s first attack speed (similar to Valkyrie) allowing them to always get off a shot in most encounters. With the last change increasing their Hit Speed, the First Hit time can be increased to 0.5sec, which is more in line with other similar cards and should give players time to react.


Crown Tower Damage: -17%

Becomes less effective at doing chip Damage to Crown Towers, but remains a solid mini tank and distraction.


Dashing Dash distance: 6 tiles > 5,5 tiles [-8%]

The Golden boy won’t be able to hit targets with his ability until they are closer.


Death Damage: -10%

A nerf to the Phoenix's Death Damage should further reduce its effectiveness while retaining its good value as a flying Troop choice. This is paired with the Mega Minion buff, to make Phoenix less dominating in that category.


Hit Speed: 1.6 sec >1.5 sec [6% faster]

The Mega Minion will have a DPS/Elixir advantage over the Phoenix with this smaller buff, becoming a more viable choice for a flying Troop.


Spawn Speed: 1sec faster [6sec > 5sec]

Lifetime: 5sec shorter [33sec > 28sec]

With a slight increase to Spawn Speed, Furnace will become a more effective building all around. Its Lifetime has been reduced to maintain the 7 total Fire Spirit spawns.


Range: 5 tiles > 5.5 tiles [+10%]

Spear goblins are currently suffering from being completely outclassed by all other ranged support units. This change allows them to outrank a few ranged Troops in the same category. The change will also be reflected in the Goblin Hut, Goblin Gang, and Goblin Giant Spawns.


Rascal Boy: Hitpoints: +6%

Rascal Girls: First Hit: 0.8 sec > 0.5 sec [38% faster]

Spacing: 1.9 tiles > 3 tiles

This change preserves the archetypes of ‘tankier but lighter hitting than Knight’ (Rascal Boy) and ‘harder hitting but squishier than Archers’ (Rascal Girls).

Rascal Boy: The Hitpoints increase sets him up as one of the best mini tanks in terms of Hitpoints, now at the same level as Valkyrie (albeit with a much lower DPS).

Rascal Girls: This brings a Rascal Girl’s First Hit speed closer to other ranged Troops in the game.

Spacing: The group is now slightly more spread apart, but not excessively, a well placed Fireball can still catch all three.


  • Poison

  • Tornado