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Clash Royale — Dec 13, 2023

Balance Changes Dec 13


Ice Spirit Evolution 🔼

  • Cycles: 3 > 2

    The evolved Ice Spirit has seen very little use since its launch because it takes longer to deploy than other Evolutions, making it underpowered in terms of utility. This required a more drastic change to the Cycles before evolving and it is now on par for cycles with most other Card Evolutions.

Archer Evolution 🔽

  • Power Shot Damage: -15%

The additional Damage from the Archers new Power Shots felt slightly overpowered, as they are able to reliably deal that bonus Damage in most situations. Instead of reducing the range, which is one of the Evolutions’ key features, we opted to instead reduce the amount of Damage dealt.

Goblin Giant 🔽

  • Spear Goblin Hit Speed: -13% (1.5 sec > 1.7sec)

With the previous buffs to Spear Goblins (February & April balance changes) alongside Goblin Giant’s own buff in August, the current meta is very Goblin Giant heavy. It just took a while to realize how strong this card was! We don’t want to completely weaken the card, so will only be reverting the previous Hit Speed buff to the Spear Goblins.