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Clash Royale — Nov 13, 2023



We are releasing a new update for all players that features a number of bug fixes, alongside a number of balance changes for cards, including the Knight and Royal Recruit Evolutions!


  • First Hit Speed: 0.5sec → 0.4sec (+20%)

Skeletons have been on the weaker side of the current Evolutions roster. This change allows them to multiply faster!


  • First Hit Speed: 0.5sec → 0.2sec (+60%)

This change allows Evolved Bats to activate their vampiric Hitpoint stealing faster and hopefully gives them a longer (unnatural) lifespan in the Arena!


  • Bonus Hit Speed: -0.3sec → -0.1sec (-67%)

Evolved Knight is one of the strongest Card Evolutions right now and is seen in a ton of decks.

This change decreases his output by a significant amount, dealing -18% Damage per second at Level 11.

Royal Recruits Evolution

  • Bonus Damage: 12% → 6% (-50%)

Again, another strong Evolution that is seeing a lot of play right now.

This change reduces the total overall Damage that the Evo Royal Recruits deal by 5%.


  • Royal Rescue Dash Distance: 5 → 4.5 (-10%)

Guardian has been going above and beyond her rescue duty, also becoming effective at taking down Crown Towers due to her long range dash.

This change makes it easier to counter her Royal assault.


  • Fixed occasional crashes on iOS 16.5+.

  • Fixed a visual animation glitch when Troops travelled diagonally.

  • Fix an issue where using Clone during the spawn timer pushed a Troop forward.

  • Fixed an issue where Goblin Giant spawned spooky headless Goblins when Cloned. Clash-O-Ween is over!

  • Fixed an issue where Buildings could be overlapped with one another

  • Bandit and Golden Knight's dash will now hit targets on the other side of the river (again).

  • Frozen Troops are no longer able to be pushed by others.

  • Guardian no longer hits units underground. She's good, but not that good.

  • The Royale bots have evolved (get it?) and will now use Card Evolutions in Practice mode.

  • Replay practices are no longer capped at Level 11.

  • Clone no longer creates two Guardians when used at the right moment that Little Prince activates his ability.

Make sure to have updated your game to get the latest changes!