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Clash Royale — Mar 29, 2022

The Miner Update Info!

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We’ve revamped and improved the whole badge system by reorganizing how they’re displayed, giving them a new awesome look and an UPGRADE feature each time you reach a certain milestone.


  • Battles Win

Unlocks after winning 50 battles and upgrades up to 7 times (100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10 000 battles).

*Note: Clan Wars battles are not taken into account.

  • Top Ladder Finishes

Unlocks when finishing in the top 1000 leaderboard at the end of a season and upgrades up to 9 times. Your best result will be displayed on the badge.

  • Top Royal Tournament Finishes

Unlocks when finishing in the top 1000 in a Royal Tournament and upgrades up to 9 times. Your best result will be displayed on the badge.

  • Clan Wars Veteran

A symbol of your victories in the early days of Clan Wars. Unlocks if you have won at least 1 battle in the first Clan Wars, and upgrades up to 2 times (10 and 100 wins).

  • Ramp Up Wins (new!)

Unlocks after winning 10 battles in Ramp Up and upgrades up to 6 times (25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000).

  • Sudden Death Wins (new!)

Unlocks after winning 10 battles in Sudden Death and upgrades up to 6 times (25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000).

  • Double Elixir Wins (new!)

Unlocks after winning 10 battles in Double Elixir and upgrades up to 6 times (25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000).

  • Draft Wins (new!)

Unlocks after winning 10 battles in Draft and upgrades up to 6 times (25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000).

  • Years Played

This badge will upgrade every year on the date you created your account.


  • Completed Classic and Grand Challenges

8 upgrade levels if you reach 12 wins 1, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 or 1000 times.

  • CRL 20-Win Challenge

Unique badges that unlock after reaching at least 17 wins in the CRL 20-Win Challenge.


Card mastery is a brand new feature that unlocks at King Level 7 and adds a way for players to showcase their skills, get rewards, and add an alternative progression into the game.

  • Unlocking Card Mastery Tas


To unlock Card Mastery Tasks for a Card, you will first need to win 5 battles with that card in Ladder (1v1 Battles), Tournaments, Party Modes, Clan Wars, or Challenges.

  • Sets of Tasks

Each Card has two sets of tasks that can be unlocked for all of the cards in the game. Depending on the Card rarity, you will need to upgrade the Card to a certain level before unlocking a set of tasks.

Cards will have their own tasks depending on how you use them, and each set of tasks will contain 3 tasks.


The first set of tasks will be basic ones, like dealing damage to troops or buildings, or spawning units with Spawners (Buildings that generate units, such as the Goblin Hut or the Furnace).


The second set of tasks will require you to use a Card in specific situations or more precise ways.

  • Pull troops with the Fisherman.

  • Hit enemy Troops or Buildings while charging with the Ram Rider.

  • Hit enemy Troops with Spawn Damage with the Royal Delivery.

  • And more!


The third set of tasks is currently locked and will be added in future updates.


For each completed task, you will earn one Mastery level that will upgrade your Mastery Badge, and also give you experience points!

Each card will have 10 Mastery Levels, which means the Mastery Badge will upgrade up to 9 times.


The Mighty Miner is a brand new 4 elixir cost Champion arriving in Clash Royale!

He is a single-target melee troop that targets ground units, and is the tankiest Champion of them all!

  • Special Ability

His special ability, Explosive Escape, costs 2 elixirs to use and allows him to burrow underground and dig out to the horizontally mirrored position, leaving a big bomb as a goodbye gift.

  • He knows the drill

Let’s not forget about his drill! It works like the Inferno Dragon’s fire beam and will build up damage over time, making him very strong against units with a lot of health and towers.

  • Launch Party Challenge

All players will have a chance to play with him in his Launch Party Challenge which will be available when the update goes live.

The Challenge will contain two parts, and you'll need to complete the first part of the challenge to enter the next stage. In total, you will be able to earn up to 30k Gold, a Common Book of Cards, and a new Mighty Miner Emote.


  • Added the paste deck option for Tournaments and Challenges

  • Hiding the crown counter during battle and only showing it when a tower is destroyed.

  • Added visual area of effect for the Lightning Card.

  • 120Hz mode toggle has been enabled for all supported devices.

  • Further improvements for UI layout on various screen resolutions and ratios.

  • The Goblin Brawler's cage always shakes with great vengeance and furious anger.


✅ Fixed the issue with the Bandit where she became invisible and untargetable before dashing.
✅ Fixed the issue where Bandit could be damaged at the end of her dash.
✅ Fixed an issue where Fisherman would become stuck after his target dies during battle.
✅ Fixed an issue with Golden Knight not dashing properly while targeting a moving unit.
✅ Fixed an issue where cloning Skeleton King during his ability animation would cancel the ability.
✅ Fixed a rare crash when players in lower arenas are using strikes on their chest rewards.
✅ Fix deploy SFX for Electro Giant and Mother Witch.
✅ Fixed a rare crash when Electro Giant received certain types of damage.
✅ Fixed an issue with Electro Giant’s zap damage behaving inconsistently.
✅ Fixed an issue where units could sometimes ignore the pull effect of Tornado.
✅ Fixed a crash that could occur in Mega Deck modes.
✅ Fixed issues with name creation/changes that could cause the player to disconnect.
✅ Fixed issues when viewing clan mates' cards in the clan chat.
✅ Fixed a stats rounding issue with the Skeleton King's summoned skeletons.
✅ Fixed a number of rare crash occurrences.
✅ Numerous back-end improvements and optimizations.


✅ Fixed an issue where Mighty Miner was not being targeted correctly
✅ Fixed incorrect achievement progress on Badges
✅ Fixed a visual bug showing the wrong amount of Gold after completing a Mastery Task
✅ Minor UI fixes and improvements

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See you in the Arena!

The Clash Royale Team