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Clash Royale — Jan 5, 2021

Trophy Change Revert


We heard you!

Let’s start by saying thank you to everybody who has been sharing their opinion on the recent Trophy win/loss changes that we introduced in Season 18. This change made players lose more Trophies for a loss than they had previously.

We’ve heard your feedback over the past few weeks and this post will be transparent about why we decided to make this change and what we plan to do to amend it.


  • We have reverted the recent Trophy loss changes above 4000 Trophies.

Why did we introduce this change?

For players below 4000 Trophies

Our goal was to pace a player’s progression so that they have enough mastery of the game (and levelled up cards) to be competitive before entering Legendary League. Otherwise, it can be a brutal experience once you hit 4000 Trophies!

For players in the 4000-6000 Trophy range

Our goal was to help with better matchmaking and make ladder pushing fun while also being challenging. After the changes went out, it was quite clear from community feedback that we did not manage to achieve this and instead created a frustrating mid-ladder experience for many.

What are the next steps?

For players below 4000 Trophies

We will keep this new system of Trophy wins/losses. The Trophy Gates will still allow players to progress at a steady pace without getting absolutely crushed when they hit 4000 Trophies!

For players in the 4000-6000 Trophy range

We are reverting back to the old system that was in place before Season 18. This means you will lose less Trophies when suffering a loss.

But wait... there's more!

To make good on the trouble that we caused your personal bests, the Trophy reset will be 25% instead of 50% when Season 20 starts.

This means you will start the Season with higher Trophies as you lose fewer Trophies with the reset. Which means more rewards from the Trophy Road!

(NOTE: Above 6500 Trophies, you will still get reset to 5800 regardless of your Trophy count, as normal. This may end up being more than a 25% loss.)

This change went live on January 7th.

Thanks for all your feedback over the holiday season - it's the reason we're reverting our changes!

See you in the Arena,

The Clash Royale Team