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Clash Royale — 3. Aug. 2020



Schalte 70 Belohnungsstufen frei, indem du Kronen aus den Kämpfen verdienst!

Der Pass Royale schaltet einzigartige Belohnungen und Extras für Saison 14 frei.


- COPA All Stars 2022 Winner
- Queso Cup Golden Edition 2022 Runner up
- Clash Royale League 2021 September Finals Runner up
- Highest Placement on Ladder: #6 (last: May, 2022)
- Highest Trophy count: 8690
- Highest GT placement: #3 (March, 2022)

Route to Golden Ticket:
- COPA All Stars 2022 Winner
- def. Adriel, VTR Coca, Prestige, LucasXgamer


Ardentoas showed some solid results in 2021, not just on the ladder, but in some of the
major third-party tournaments as well. The highlight of last year, however, was the
fantastic second place in September’s CRL Monthly final.
For 2022, Ardentoas raised his game and achieve another level of consistency,
establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with. The impressive second place in
Queso Cup (in which he lost Mohamed Light), was then backed up with the COPA All
Stars title, where he beat LucasXgamer in the final for a spot in the CRL World Finals!
While most players and analysts may be worried about bigger names like Mohamed
Light, Lucas or Mugi, the talented Ardentoas has his shot at winning the title!

Make sure to follow him on Twitter!

Zu den Pass-Royale-Belohnungen gehören:

  • Einzigartiger


    und einzigartiges


  • 40.000


  • 6


  • 3



    (garantierte seltene Karten!)

  • 4



    (garantierte epische Karten!)

  • 4


  • Bis zu

    7 Blitzschläge

    pro Truhe*

  • 1 legendäre Truhe

    (garantierte legendäre Karte!)


  • Bonusbank-Gold (bis zu 10,000 Gold)

* Mit Blitzschlägen kannst du Karten austauschen und vielleicht die bekommen, auf die du es abgesehen hast ** Gilt erst ab Arena 6


- RoyaleMSTRS 2022 Runner Up (Golden Ticket granted)
- COPA All-Stars 2022 Runner Up
- Bernard Chong Cup Golden Edition 2022 Runner Up
- CRL 2021 June Final Winner
- CRL 2021 July Final Winner
- Highest Placement on Ladder: #1 (last: August, 2018)
- Highest Trophy count: 8885
- Highest GT placement: #5 (April, 2021)

Route to Golden Ticket

- RoyaleMSTRS 2022 Runner Up
- Winner Bracket: def. Furkaranabaci, Griko; L vs. Mugi
- Loser Bracket: def. Griko
- Grand Final: L vs. Mugi


Lucas is one of the most remarkable and charismatic Clash Royale players. His talent
was on display since he was very young, reaching the top of the leaderboard even
before he was old enough to participate in official tournaments.
In the Summer of 2021 he flew higher than ever. After winning two CRL Monthly finals
in a row, the name LucasXgamer became a symbol of utmost respect in the CR Esports
scene, and many had put him as the favorite for the World Finals last year.
Unfortunately, he fell short in the season’s defining moment and lost early in the
For this year, Lucas is displaying his excellent form and will be a contender for the title!
He began his year by sending a strong signal to his competitors: he achieved a second
place in the first Golden Ticket tournament of the year, the Bernard Chong Cup! The
result would set a course for the remainder of the season! Another second place at
COPA All-Stars put him again one match away from the title and the much desired
Golden Ticket.
He would lose again in the Grand Final of the last Golden Ticket tournament
(RoyaleMSTRS). However, as his opponent Mugi was already qualified for CRL, Lucas
managed to secure his presence in Helsinki among the sixteen world’s best players. He
will be a top contender for this year’s CRL title, and a competitor everyone else wants to

CRL Qualifiers #1 - AirSurfer - Stage 5 Qualified
Name: Airsurfer

Make sure to follow him on Twitter!


Du musst einfach nur spielen und Kronen verdienen. So steigst du Stufen im Pass Royale auf und kannst neue Belohnungen freischalten!


  • Du brauchst 10 Kronen, um eine Belohnungsstufe freizuschalten. Eine Stufe enthält 1 Pass-Royale-Belohnung und 1 Kronentruhe.

  • Es gibt kein Zeitlimit für das Freischalten von Belohnungsstufen, du musst also einfach nur Kronen verdienen!


  • Jede Belohnungsstufe enthält 1 Kronentruhe.

  • Alle 24 Stunden wird 1 Belohnungsstufe freigeschaltet. An Wochenenden werden alle 24 Stunden sogar 2 Stufen freigeschaltet!

In jeder Saison gibt es auf der letzten Stufe statt einer gewöhnlichen Kronentruhe eine legendäre Truhe als Belohnung!

  • Du kannst Kronentruhen während der Saison ansammeln. Du musst also nicht jeden Tag eine Truhe freischalten!

Kronen kannst du in jedem Spielmodus außer im Ausbildungslager, in Testspielen und privaten Turnieren verdienen!



- Queso Cup Fall Split 2021
- Queso Cup Summer Split 2021
- 2021 CRL March Finals 3rd place
- NoTilt World Championship 2020 Runner up
- Highest Placement on Ladder: #4 (last: November, 2019)
- Highest Trophy count: 8785
- Highest GT placement: #1 (February, 2019)

Route to Golden Ticket:

- Stage 2: #17 / 2416pts.
- Stage 3
- Winner Bracket: BYE; def. ^^; def. Surg TS
- Stage 4
- def. EnderG; L. vs. Vitor75; def. LordSeb; def. Adriel (3-1)
- Stage 5
- Def. Hugo CR V2; def. Morten; def. PANDORA


A solid 2021 for Airsurfer, winning both the Queso Cup Summer and the Winter Split
titles, promised good things for him. However, he simply wasn’t in his greatest form for
the Golden Ticket events. A Loser’s Bracket Round 4 at Masters Challenge Cup was as
far as he went during the third-party season.
For Airsurfer, the best was yet to come, and as soon as the CRL Qualifiers kicked off,
he brought his A-game to grant a spot in the Helsinki finals!
After beating the 20 wins challenge, he backed up with a solid 17th place in the Stage 2
ladder. From then onwards, Airsurfer would only lose a duel (to Vitor7S), which
happened at Stage 4. By beating players like SurgTS and EnderG, the North American
qualified for Stage 5, and he didn’t look back!
He was finally playing at his best and guaranteed wins over Hugo CR V2, Morten and
PANDORA for a perfect 3-0 in the last swiss bracket. He arrives in Helsinki sending a
clear message to his opponents: he’s ready to fight for the title!

Make sure to follow him on Twitter!