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news — Jan 26, 2023

Everdale’s story continues, thanks to Metacore


We have great news for you – Everdale has found a new home in the capable hands of Metacore, and there will be a new game team working on the game!

After announcing the news about ending the development of Everdale last October, we’ve been busy with the acquisition negotiations and the handover of the game. Even though Everdale didn’t meet our expectations as a Supercell game, we still saw its potential (and appreciated a lot the heartwarming amount of reactions from the fans!) and came up with the idea of finding a new home for the game. 

This is something we’ve never done before here at Supercell, but hey – it’s not the first time Everdale has tried something new :) It was important to us to find a new home for the game in a company that has the talent, ambition, and game development philosophy that fits Everdale. We feel confident in transferring ownership of Everdale to the hands of Metacore’s highly talented team. They will explore the game with fresh eyes and investigative minds to see what kind of building blocks the game consists of and what could or shouldn’t be changed for improvements so that the game would meet the players’ and Metacore’s expectations.

The new Everdale team has started to work on the game, and you’ll be the first to know when there is more to tell, so please keep on following the social channels of the game. We for sure can’t wait to see the next evolution of Everdale!

Former Everdale Team