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news — Aug 24, 2023

Floodrush Ending Development

Hello everyone,

It is with a heavy heart that, after much consideration, we decided to discontinue the development of Floodrush. While this may not be the news you were hoping for, we want you to know that we didn't make this decision lightly.

At Supercell, we strive to create Great Games that are Played for Years and Remembered Forever. That is our mission. For Floodrush, we aspired to defy, once again, our conventions to deliver something fresh and surprising. A genre-defining game. It turns out that our efforts led us to create a game that many of our players found a bit challenging to enjoy as the team had designed it.

Throughout the beta testing stage, we carefully analyzed every feedback message sent to us and identified several issues, either with gameplay mechanics, controls, character dynamics or artistic aspects, among others. We concluded that, to uphold Supercell's standards of excellence, we needed to make extensive changes to the point that they would transform Floodrush into something too distant from our initial vision.

Terminating a project can be perceived as tragic. One might think it's wasted time or resources, but that's never the case here at Supercell. The ideas and insights gathered while developing Floodrush can, in many forms, be applied to other projects, either actual or forthcoming. That's how we evolve as a company — by making the most out of adversity.

To conclude, a word of appreciation to everyone who tested Floodrush for countless hours and dedicated their time to writing us detailed feedback, and also to the talented content creators who showed immense passion while producing videos or fan art. Thank you all! Floodrush might not be a part of our future, but we can't wait to share with you what's coming ahead.

We'll see you there!
The Floodrush team