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news — Apr 18, 2019

Games First London 2019

Games First is our annual event we’ve been organizing since 2013 to bring together the local game developer scene to celebrate their craft and passion for the game.

The strength of the Finnish game community has always been in collaboration, openness and a shared sense of togetherness. Games First is a day to meet old and new peers, share experiences and learn.

In 2018, we decided to try something new. With our friends at Space Ape Games, we flew Games First to London to create something unique also for the UK game developer community. We were blown away by the warm welcome and the overwhelmingly positive atmosphere! This January, we organized the event again at a new location, joined by even more people, great speakers and the introduction of the Game Demo Session!

After organizing eight Games First events in total, we feel it’s time for a break and some reflection. This means that instead of a Games First in Helsinki this year, the next Games First will be in London in 2020. See you there!

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