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news — Jul 30, 2020

Introducing Brawl Stars for Everyone

We’re excited to announce something we’ve never done before in a Supercell game; we’re launching a brand new tailored experience for younger players in Brawl Stars.

From the very beginning of Supercell, our games have always been designed for players aged 13 years and older, but we’ve long thought about how to safely offer them to younger players too. Now, we feel that Brawl Stars offers an opportunity to create a genuinely bespoke experience for younger players without compromising the quality of their experience.

From 3rd July, new Brawl Stars players in the US will be asked to enter their age the first time they open the game. Their game experience will then be tailored according to their age, with players under the age of 16 enjoying their own game experience. The most important features and aspects of gameplay will be the same for everyone, but younger players will now be able to play the game with age-appropriate chat and social functions.

The safety and wellbeing of all of our players is very important to us, so we are delighted to be able to introduce this so that players of all ages can now have the best and welcoming experience possible.

And this is only the beginning! Brawl Stars is our latest game and is still being discovered by new people every day, giving us the best opportunity to test this for the first time. We’re keen to see if it may be possible for more players, more games and more countries in future!

This is a new experience for us too, so we’re super interested to hear what players (of all ages) and parents think of this and how we can improve it in future. If you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions then send us an email. For more information and resources, please see our new Safe & Fair Play page.

We are excited to welcome you on this journey as we open up the world of Supercell to even more players!