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news — Oct 11, 2023 - Supercell's Leap Into the Unknown

We’re excited to announce a new potential investment opportunity for Supercell! 

During our journey to level up as a company, it has come to our attention that, a monster-hunting startup, has discovered breakthrough portal technology that allows travel to parallel worlds.

While uses this tech to fight monsters, we’re interested in what portal technology can offer Supercell and you - our players.

It’s well known that Supercell believes games have the power to bring people around the world together. So naturally, we believe investing in this type of discovery will take us to the next level. With portal technology infused in our games, players in our world (and others) will experience togetherness like never before!

At our core, we believe the best teams make the best games, and in’s case, this still holds true… but in a monster-hunting business kind of way. Regardless, their founding team, made up of Luna, Jax and Manny, are a true reflection of what we value at Supercell: independence, accountability and innovation.

To our players in the United States with Android phones - we invite you to join us and help shape the future of during their early stage beta testing, coming late October 2023.

To the rest of our players - thank you for always being supportive and holding us accountable to the true quality you deserve. We will work hand-in-hand to ensure delivers excellence on the path to becoming a part of the Supercell family. 

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I’ll leave you with a few inspiring words from Luna: 

“Join us and take a leap into the unknown. Except this unknown is full of monsters... and dungeons... and things that can slay you almost instantly... but in a fun way! 😬

Written totally 100% by Ilkka Paananenenen