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news — Apr 11, 2024

Rolling out New Store Features

Everything we do at Supercell is in the service of creating great player experiences through games that as many people as possible play for years and are remembered forever. It is with this mission that we launched our browser-based Store for in-game items in 2021, which has allowed us to deliver player-requested features such as the ability to gift passes to friends and family and alternative payment options that would not have been possible otherwise. 

We are always listening to player feedback, and we are excited to roll out new features for an even better overall player experience across our games and the Store. 

Players can still find our Store in their browsers, but will find that the storefront has been refreshed with dedicated game Stores that look and feel like the respective games. We are rolling this out with the Clash of Clans Store first, which will also feature fresh offerings to focus on added value for our players through: 

  • Store Bonus Track: We are introducing a Bonus Track that will track points players earn each season through in-game activities and Store purchases. This track offers gems and magic items as players reach certain milestones.

  • Store Specials: Players will find seasonal and Store-only deals in this new section.

  • Gold Pass Stamp Card: Season pass purchases from the Store now earn players stamps. After collecting six stamps, players will get a free bonus.

(Keep your eye out for these new offerings to come to our other games soon!)

Players can now get help directly from within the Store, with a combination of a renewed FAQ and in-Store customer support widget, where Store-related questions can be solved.

In line with offering the best experiences possible, players will still be able to stock up on multiple season passes and gift them to their Supercell ID friends via the Store. We are also continuing our commitment to offer extensive payment methods across geographies to serve our players across the globe as well as possible.   

We are always looking to try out new things to improve player experiences, and we hope these improvements will help us serve our players better.