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Mar 13, 2024

Imagine Building the Next Genre-Defining Game — Now's Your Chance

Crafting the Future of Gaming Together with Supercell's Spark

The core idea behind Supercell is independent game teams that have complete ownership of what they build and how they build it. Focusing on the best teams means we are always greenlighting teams - crazy ambitious, and quick-executing ones, not afraid to take risks – not ideas. This approach has been the cornerstone of our success, guiding our journey as we strive to develop games that are not only played for years but also remembered forever. Recently, as highlighted in our CEO Ilkka’s latest blog, we've evolved our strategy for live and new games, continuing to emphasize the autonomy and creativity of our teams while experimenting with a new way to form the best new game teams.

We are now offering an exciting opportunity for ambitious founder-minded game developers to participate in Spark, a 16-week process of forming the best teams, working towards a demo day, and finally, a team greenlight, and thus an opportunity to become founders of one of Supercell’s next new game teams. 

During the 16 weeks, we will tailor the path to the team’s green light for you. 

  • If you are a solo genius or an incomplete team looking for co-founders, we will focus on helping you to form the right team. 

  • If, on the other hand, you're all set and ready to run with your team, we can offer expertise and other resources available at Supercell. 

Both of these paths will lead to the team showing their work at a demo day and getting a chance to be greenlit as the next Supercell new game team. 

Whether you're bursting with ideas but not up for building your own company, or you're a seasoned developer without the right team, Supercell’s Spark journey is designed to turn your vision into reality. At this point, there’s just one question: Could you be the next founder of one of Supercell's new game teams?

Why Join Spark?

  • Dream Big, Risk Less: Focus on what you do best – creating unforgettable gaming experiences without the distraction of starting a new company and everything that comes with doing that.

  • Join a Team of Extraordinary Developers: Collaborate with the best minds in the industry and benefit from our global reach of over 200 million monthly players and expertise to make your game the next genre-defining phenomenon.

  • Creative Freedom, Unparalleled Support: The core idea behind Supercell is independent game teams that have complete ownership of what they build and how they build it. You decide what to develop, and we provide the platform, resources, insight, and support to make it remembered forever.

Who Are We Looking For?

We’re looking for senior individuals, fully formed teams, or incomplete teams, in case you have teammates you know you would love to work with. 

The core initial teams will be comprised of experienced game developers who can work hands-on. At Supercell, all new game teams are fully focused on the core of game development, so the roles in Spark are limited to core game development roles, such as Game Design, Art, and Code.

  • Visionaries and Trailblazers: If you're a game developer with a founder's mindset, eager to craft gaming experiences that captivate the world, let's connect.

  • Top-tier Talent: We're on the lookout for exceptional talent. Developers who are not just good but outstanding. If you've got a track record of shipping remarkable games and are itching to do it again, you're who we need.

  • Diverse Skills & Talent: Whether you're a solo genius searching for a team or an established group ready to take on a new challenge, we're interested. Your strengths can lie, for example, in client code, art, or server engineering – your unique contribution is what will make the games stand out. 

The richness of games comes from the diversity of the creators. We believe that a team reflecting a wide array of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences is key to creating games that will entertain as many people as possible and that would last for decades and more. 

How Does Spark Look Like in Practice?

Spark will run for the fall of 2024. We are looking for Spark participants during the spring of 2024.

Ideally, we would love every participant to be present in Helsinki for the 16 weeks of Spark. We will cover the costs associated with this to make sure you can fully focus on the process.

Remote work during Spark is possible, but close collaboration will be needed, so flying in regularly will be required in that case.

Spark will end with a greenlight meeting in Helsinki in late November / Early December. That’s when the decision will be made on which team/teams pass the greenlight process and will get hired by Supercell. 

If your team passes the greenlight process, you will become a Supercell employee and continue to work on our next hit game with the newly formed team. For all of our new game teams, we offer the possibility to work remotely or relocate to Helsinki with our full support. 

Ready to Spark a Fire?

If you're driven to redefine gaming, eager to experiment, and ready to create something fast and viable, we're waiting for you. Our goal is to make Supercell the best place for the best teams to create the best new games. Let's reimagine what's possible in the games, together.

Interested? Reach out to Stephan, stephan(at)