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news — Apr 25, 2024

Greetings from the Makers of Squad Busters

Hello world!

We are the team behind the new party action game Squad Busters. We are super excited to share our decision to go global on May 29th!

We started with a simple idea: what if you could mix and match different characters from different genres and universes and see how they work together? We wanted to create a game that was fun, creative, and diverse, and that gave you the freedom to customize your squad to suit your play style and preferences.

Our goal has been to make it very easy for anyone to start playing Squad Busters, but also include depth of skill and strategy that you can discover as you play the game more. Balancing these two sides of it has been a big challenge for us – it's very easy to lean too far to either side. Our approach has been to constantly iterate and try out different mechanics, features and concepts until we find the right mix. Now that we’re heading out to global, we feel that we are just getting started and look forward to making the game better and better.

We are grateful for the support and enthusiasm we received from our awesome player community throughout development. We look forward to seeing the amazing squads you create and the epic matches you play. We hope you’ll enjoy the hilarious moments you share with your friends and family while playing the millions of different combinations of gameplay experiences!

Here are our top tips for new players:

  • There are many ways to win, such as being a peaceful Tree farmer in the outskirts, or brawling Squads for big loot in the map center! - Jonas, Game Designer

  • Try using Turbo while attacking, it also boosts attack speed! - Diego, Game Tester

  • Log Spell will also break bridges and Bomb Spell can destroy trees! - Sergio, Art Lead

  • You can break the bridges near your starting area if you need some peace and quiet! - Eino, Game Lead

Thank you for playing Squad Busters!

The Squad Busters Team