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news — Mar 21, 2022

Supercell at the Game Developer Conference 2022

Three domains, three Supercellians, three highly anticipated presentations

Expanding an IP: 'Clash of Clans' Universe Case Study John Cipriani, Artist GDC Vault link

“Expansion is a natural progression of IP, but it isn't always easy to navigate. By adopting some simple techniques in creating new ideas and understanding the values at the core; one can not only expand an IP but also make it stronger.”

From 'Clash of Clans' to 'Everdale': Scaling from Solo to Social Tristan Williams, Senior Programmer GDC Vault link

“Dream big - but go in with eyes open! Game design and technology affect each other deeply, and can yield exciting results. Attendees will hopefully be inspired to tackle their own lofty game design goals.”

Challenging Supercell's Sacred Cows: The Importance of Evolving Culture as You Grow Lesley Mansford, Co-Chief People Officer GDC Vault link

“Attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of how they can evaluate and evolve their studio culture to meet their mission. Attendees will hear specific examples and anecdotes from Supercell's experience that can help them foster more positive environments in their own studios amid a time of such significant change in the industry.”

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