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Boom Beach — Nov 21, 2023

Latest update release!

A new update is on the horizon!

In this update, we mostly focused on adding options to Warships tech trees. These additions will be rolled out in future seasons, so we are not listing them here.

While we are already working on anniversary features, we still managed to include some fixes and QoL improvements, including several that came from the community. As always, your feedback and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

New features:

  • Added a new feature in the base UI, building recommendations:

    • Recommended buildings are listed first, in order of importance;

    • Others are listed in order of importance, prioritizing those the player can afford;

    • New buildings and buildings that are busy are indicated accordingly;

    • Tapping the entry will move the focus to the building.

  • Players can now store more than one classified item. The current limit is set to two. The number of stored items is visible in the inventory;

  • Task Force name or description can be reported separately;

  • Players can gain small benefits by watching ads at certain points in the game.


  • Dr. Kavan used his holiday to get in touch with the machine spirit, and as a consequence, Second Wind and Remote Defib will now revive Mechs;

  • The base builder uses the correct icons for each building level;

  • Implemented specific error message if the player cannot attack a player base due to the use of fast-forward in a previous attack on that base;

  • Added boost amount to statue info popup;

  • Added range information to building info popup;

  • Fixed troop color in battle replays;

  • Clouds now have a dark mode to help players who play in the dark. This can be toggled in gameplay options.


  • Transferred player progress is now based on the highest star count during the season. This is meant to give players a chance to keep playing without worrying about losing their progress towards the end of the season. This protection is capped at 1600 stars. Beyond that final star count is used. Leaderboards and statues still use the final star count.

  • If a player skips a warship season, they will receive progress at season start based on the previous active season;

  • Added a 'Claim All' button to reward track chests, visible when multiple chests can be collected;

  • Your own boosts are now shown in your Warships base. This can be toggled off in the gameplay options screen;

  • During scouting and replays, all boosts for both sides are shown;

  • Critter Launcher upgrade costs increased. The total cost is now 1 147 500 tokens.

  • Extra gunboat abilities, which do not improve when upgraded, are now automatically at max level.