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Boom Beach — Sep 19, 2023

New update!

We're thrilled to announce that there's an exciting upcoming update that we can't wait to share with you!

Here, you'll find the list of all the additions that came with the update:


  • Fast-forward is automatically disabled if all troops are lost, and the player has enough Gunboat Energy to use abilities;

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Everspark's Universal Remote to fire off twice;

  • Multiple UI/text fixes and improvements - Laser Ranger's description no longer references cold beam;

  • Attack replay UI consistency and fixes.

New features:
Statue info popup shows the maximum possible boost percentages. It was not obvious you could get better percentages.

Eversparks's Universal Remote:

  • Cooldown gets shorter as the skill is leveled up: The damage bonus is inconsequential since Universal Remote is mainly used to destroy the targeted defense. Tying the cooldown to the skill level gives a better reason to level the skill;

  • Universal Remote can now be fired multiple times in short succession. The energy cost increase has been raised from 7 to 9 to compensate;

  • Fast-forward in battle is now available for PVP and Resource Bases.

Layout Editor

To use Layout Editor, you just need to click on your Headquarters and the button to change layouts. You'll then be able to EDIT an existing base layout.

  • Players can now modify stored base layouts (HQ13+);

  • Removing any obstacles also affects the base and other layouts (obstacles are shared);

  • Buildings can be removed from the layout into storage either singly, by type, or all at once;

  • Layouts are automatically saved and can be exited with buildings in storage;

  • Applying a layout to the base will automatically deploy all stored buildings;

  • Layout can not be applied if the HQ is in storage;

  • Remove buildings by type - button has also been added to the Warships base editor.