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Brawl Stars — Jan 26, 2024

#BrawlTogether - New Community Event!

It's time to join forces for the new community event #BrawlTogether!

The objective is to get 16 Billion Takedowns in 14 days, but the twist this time is that takedowns will count as double IF you play in a group, either by using Play Again or grouping up with your friends!

AND Takedowns from all game modes count towards the objective, including 5v5 – which will be active every day throughout the event.

Milestones & Rewards

The #BrawlTogether Event begins with a Double XP Event and Special Quest to help you complete the Brawl Pass or get a few extra Starr Drops. After that, reaching each of the milestones will give you the following rewards:

  • 2 billion takedowns - Epic Starr Drop

  • 4 billion - Double Daily Starr Drops

  • 6 billion - Epic Starr Drop

  • 8 billion - Mastery Madness: 50% more Mastery Points per win 

  • 10 billion - Mythic Starr Drop

  • 12 billion - Mastery Madness: 100% more Mastery Points per win

  • 14 billion - Coin Shower: you get 1 Coin for every daily XP collected. This will also be doubled by the Double XP event AND doubled again if you have any active XP doublers!

  • 16 billion - Legendary Starr Drop


Just like in previous events, this one will also have its own giveaway, and it's really easy to participate. All you have to do is play the event every day!

We'll pick 1000 random players from a list of everyone who played and how many days they logged in to the event, and if you win, you get 150 Gems! So the more you play, the higher the chances of winning!

But we're not finished yet!

We will also select 5 random players who will get a Friendship Ticket!

A Friendship ticket gives ONE MILLION GEMS to the winner and ONE MILLION GEMS to each of the 4 friends they played the most with!

The giveaway winners will be notified in-game on February 9th, so keep an eye on your inbox messages on this day!

That's all! It will be tough, but together we can do it!

Now call your friends! It's time to #BrawlTogether!