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Brawl Stars — Oct 16, 2019

Creator Boost FAQ

Here's a quick FAQ about the Creator Boost! Remember that we are still testing it, so we don't have all the answers at the moment!

What is a “Creator Boost” code?
A “Creator Boost” code is something that a Content Creator can sign up for. When they have selected a code, players can enter it in the game. For the next seven days, a portion of that player’s spent Gem value will be given to the Creator. This doesn’t cost anything for the player and is just a way that they can support their favorite Content Creators.

How or where can I sign up to have my own Creator Boost code?
At the moment, the Creator Program is in a closed beta. We will have more information soon!

Where can I find Content Creators’ codes?
You can find Content Creators on YouTube, Twitter, and elsewhere.

How do I support my favorite Content Creator? Should I buy gems or specific skin?
In Brawl Stars, when a player has chosen to support a Creator in the Shop, their Gem spending will automatically be included in the revenue share, and you don’t need to do anything else.

Is it possible to stop supporting a Content Creator early?
Yes! By clicking “STOP” in the shop, you can immediately stop supporting the selected Content Creator.

Will Content Creators get paid in Gems or real money?
When you support a Content Creator with Creator Boost, a percentage of the value of the Gems you spend will go to support the Creator you've chosen. So the Creator will be paid in real money.

Does the creator code expire?
Yes! You can choose a different Creator, or stop-start, at any time by changing your selection in the Shop. If you don’t pick anyone else, it’ll expire in 7 days.

Do I need to be an official SC sponsored Content Creator in order to have a code?
Yes! At the moment, this group is in a closed-beta. However, keep an eye out in the future and we will have more info about how to join the program.

What do the Content Creators receive for each purchase?
In Brawl Stars, Creators receive approximately 5% of the spent Gem’s value.

Do I need to register somewhere in order to start supporting a Content Creator?
You do not need to register anywhere. Simply go into the shop, enter a Creator’s code, and you’re done!

I got the code from a Content Creator’s page but I do not know where to put it?
Go into Brawl Stars’ shop and scroll to the right. There you can enter a Creator Code.

If a Content Creator is available to be supported in more than 1 Supercell game, do I need to apply the code in each game separately? Is it the same code?
Yes to both - The Creator Codes will be the same across all games.
However, you do need to enter the code into each game separately to support them.

What is the motivation of Supercell to do this project?
We LOVE all the wonderful content that Creators have made for our games. We want to support our Content Creators and encourage them to keep making awesome videos, artwork, streams, and more. We hope that the Creator Program will be an awesome benefit for them.

Does this project mean Creators should make promotional content? Should they only advertise Supercell games?
Creators are free to make whatever content they desire (as long as they follow our ToS, and are making friendly content).

What’s in store for players that support Content Creators? Will they have a distinction down the line to identify themselves as such?
There are no plans for this (at the moment).

Where can I find a list of all the Content Creators that are supported to easily change from one to the other?
We hope to have a list like this in the future (but don’t have one yet).

What regions/languages are represented by Supercell Content Creators?
At the moment we don’t have specific regions, but we hope to expand to as many regions as we can support in the future. This program is still in the early stages and we will expand it over time.