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Brawl Stars — Dec 30, 2020

Thank you.

Hello and welcome to a WALL OF TEXT!

BUT don’t worry, there’s a tl;dr version at the end. But if you skip you won’t get all the love!

This might sound cliche, but we truly believe that the Brawl community is THE best community. I mean, who else would try to investigate every inch of an image to see if it holds a clue to an update? Or debate if Mr.P is Gene in a suit or just a normal penguin? Or listen to a broken radio 24/7 just to be the first person to know what’s new in Starr Park? Even campaigning for us to stop hurting poor Jessie! Everyone in this community has a unique voice and that’s why when you’re together you make such a special group that amazes us, literally every day.

Like you, we simply LOVE Brawl Stars. There isn’t a day that goes by without one of us sharing your fan art in our team chat. Our designers watch Kairos’ 100% Honest Review, then debate with other team members about it. We listen to Lex’s (un)Official Brawlidays Soundtrack. Your memes make us laugh. We’re constantly surprised by how the heck you guys managed to find morse code that we hid in the game, or how quickly you figured out that 8-Bit was having a personality crisis! Then, when Brawl Talk comes, we’re all excited and hyped to see how YOU are going to react to it. And know what? You make our days so much better with your MASSIVE amount of positive comments! It means the world to us, especially because we know how bad things can get on the internet sometimes. We are REALLY grateful to have you.

Of course, we don’t get it right all the time…(!) And we do have our own share of mistakes (Day 1 Leon and Rosa said “hi”). But we believe we’ve built a strong relationship where you can trust that we are going to adjust and improve the game to be the best it can be. We know that you ask for a lot because you love the game so much - which is why we sometimes try to manage your expectations when we know we’re not going to meet them… (Like when Ryan said that the update was going to be small… and… we ended up releasing the longest Brawl Talk ever made!😅 But let’s be honest, the Gift Shop update was pretty small.. but still pretty good!) And speaking of the Gift Shop… what a ride that was! Our dear u/aIfajor put all the pieces together and realized that Brawl Stars might be… a theme park! And it turned out to be a very, very weird one.

2020 was a tough year. It had a big impact on our team, the world finals, and all of you. We did our best to ensure our community would still have some high-quality entertainment at home. And you all responded really well to that – by playing the game... A LOT! (Thanks again!).

TL;DR: So now here we are. After releasing 11 Brawlers, 45 skins, 7 new environments, esports and Special Challenges, Brawl Pass, Daily Quests, Map (Jump-Pad) Maker, launching the game in China, Gadgets, Pins... and so much more… We can look back and be proud of what we have achieved together. It wouldn’t have been possible without your suggestions, feedback and bug reports; your attention to detail, and, most importantly of all, you all playing and loving Brawl Stars!

We couldn’t have ended this year in a better way. We had an amazing reception to our last update and managed to get almost 1 MILLION (or 996,150 according to YouTube data) people watching Brawl Talk live at the same time. Which is funny because we thought that would be the last record we would break this year... and then… we released Edgar for free (and our servers paid the price). The Edgar-Apocalypse day managed to hit the highest number of online players we’ve ever seen in Brawl Stars.

So once again, thank you for everything you have done for us this year and for changing our lives forever. We’ll always be grateful to you.


Today, we’re not posting any mysterious images, full of easter eggs and hidden intel. Today, we just want to take a moment to thank YOU for playing Brawl Stars.

We wish we could thank each one of you individually (hopefully the gifts took care of that!), and we felt that this was the right time to have a heart-to-heart with you all about the journey we’ve been through this year.

And now it’s time to take a breath and relax... because we think you’ll like what we have in store for 2021. :)

From everyone in the Brawl Stars team,
Thank you!