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Brawl Stars — Nov 23, 2021


You will be able to watch the 2021 Brawl Stars World Finals on Nov 26-28 in a brand new way!

You can log in already now on - here you will be able to directly interact with the Brawl Stars World Finals in different ways: Predict matches, vote on the MVP of a match, and cheer on your favorite team! There will also be other interactions such as quizzes.

Most interactions will generate points, unlocking in-game rewards such as Coins, Star Points as well as three new trophy pins and the Cat burglar Jessie skin! These rewards may be made available for purchase at a later date, but the World Finals will be the only way to get them this year and for free!


Languages: All our regular esports languages are also on the Event Site, and viewers of all supported languages will be able to watch and interact with the show on the Event Site in their language.

Live vs VOD: Certain interactions will be available only when watching live: Cheering, voting for MVP, quizzes. Others, such as predictions, can be submitted beforehand. Predictions can reward a lot more points than the other interactions - see the full breakdown below.

Predictions: You can enter Day 1 predictions already NOW on!

Day 2 and Day 3 predictions can be submitted between the broadcasts each day, so those of you who cannot watch live can still play along and earn points. Live viewers can choose to submit their predictions for all matches that day before the show, or right before each individual match.
Specifically, on Day 3 (with 8 teams playing single elimination), viewers who made predictions before the show can change their semifinal and finals predictions right before each match, even if the teams they had originally predicted to be in, for instance, the semifinals, have been knocked out.

Receiving rewards: When reaching a number of points that trigger a reward, the reward can be claimed in-game shortly after. When a lot of players earn rewards at the same time, the reward delivery may be delayed up to 24 hours, so if you don’t see your reward right away, check back the next day!

BONUS points: Bonuses are given on top of the reward for a correct prediction if any previous match predictions were correct. 25 BONUS points for each correct past prediction (doesn’t have to be in a row). Example: Somebody who made three correct predictions in the past will receive 75 BONUS points with the next correct prediction, on top of the regular 50 points received for being correct.


; # of points each

First time logging in on the site
; 20

Responding to a quiz
; 0-5

Submitting a match prediction
; 5

A prediction turns out to be correct
; 50

Voting the MVP of a match (live only)
; 10

First Cheer in each game (live only)
; 1

BONUS points
; 0-350


; Points required

10 coins
; 20

Foam finger Pin
; 100

25 Star points
; 200

25 coins
; 300

Thumbs down Pin
; 500

50 Star points
; 600

50 coins
; 700

Sunglasses Pin
; 800

100 Star points
; 900

Cat Burglar Jessie skin
; 1000

It will be possible to exceed 1000 points, but there will be no rewards beyond Cat Burglar Jessie.

See you November 26-28 on!


The 2021 Brawl Stars World Finals will take place on November 26-28 in Bucharest, Romania.

This year we are excited to see 16 teams compete in the World Finals! They are:

  • INTZ

    (LATAM S)

  • Aphelion Esports

    (LATAM S)

  • Tribe Gaming NA

    (NA & LATAM N)

  • STMN Esports

    (NA & LATAM N)


    (East Asia)

  • Queen Nai

    (East Asia)

  • NAVI


  • Team Flash

    (SESA & ANZ)

  • SK Gaming


  • AC Milan QLASH


  • Reply Totem


  • Tribe Gaming EU


  • BK ROG Esports


  • NOVA Esports

    (ML China)

  • Trick of China

    (ML China)

  • TIG Origin

    (ML China)

Which team do YOU predict will end up with the glorious trophy?

The show will start at 10:00 CET each day and the tournament format will be Single Elimination best-of-5 sets with best-of-7 sets in the Grand Final:

  • Nov 26: Round of 16, part 1

  • Nov 27: Round of 16, part 2

  • Nov 28: Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and the Grand Final.

The World Finals already offers a $500,000 USD prize pool, but this can be doubled with contributions from the community! World Finals-themed offers will appear in-game on October 22-24, which will allow YOU to help contribute. Just like last year, proceeds from the offers will be added, up to a total prize pool of 1 MILLION DOLLARS.

Due to health concerns, the show will take place without a live audience, but our qualified players are all invited to join the event in person.