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Brawl Stars — May 19, 2022

Matcherino - Empowering Grassroots Esports!

Empowering Grassroots Esports!

We have partnered with crowdfunding tournament platform Matcherino to help elevate and support Brawl Stars’ competitive grassroots! This program is open to independent 3rd party tournament organizers and players around the world.

There are multiple ways to be part of the Matcherino program:

1 - Contribute

You can support your favorite Brawl Stars community by donating $5 or more to qualifying events’ prize pool. Contributors will be rewarded with a Contributor’s Pin to show their support!

2 - Organize a tournament

Becoming a tournament organizer will provide you with a variety of benefits, some of which are unlocked by advancing through different tiers.

All tiers receive the Matcherino suite of tools to run events smoothly, while higher-tiered events become eligible for additional rewards. Organizers must submit an application for each event in order to receive base prizing, contribution matching, and in-game pin rewards.

Prize money contributed to the tournaments on Matcherino may be matched by Supercell and there is a potential that the prize pool money will double.

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You can find more details about how to be an organizer here.

3 - And of course... Compete!

Compete to win cash prizes! You can participate in the tournament by signing up with your teammates. If you don’t have a team yet, You can reserve your spot by creating a team, finding an open team, or sign up as a free agent to indicate you are available!

On top of the cash prizes, by winning a qualifying event, you can earn an exclusive Winner’s Pin! Stay tuned for more events available in your regions.

Check out the Matcherino website to learn more about the program.