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Brawl Stars — Apr 17, 2023

IMPORTANT - Power League and Skin changes!

LOOK HERE! IT’S IMPORTANT: For the next update, we’ll change some things around! And we would like to keep you informed before those changes happen! So here they are:

  • The Power League season will end EARLIER on the 24th of April (Monday)

  • We are restructuring our Skin tiers and pricing, so all 49 Gem Skins will cost 79 Gems. If you want to get them for 49 Gems, they will all be in the shop this week (including the seasonal skins)

  • Login Daily if there’s a specific Skin you really want!

  • Star Point Skins will no longer be available for Star Points after the update. You have until the update to buy the ones you want for Star Points!

We are reworking Star Points, and it will all make sense after the update (this change is pretty cool, I promise)!  But to avoid surprises, we are letting you know before this change is in place.

If you are still unsure what to do with your Star Points, you can still wait for Brawl Talk where more information will be released!

Thanks for reading!