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Brawl Stars — Dec 6, 2023

Incoming Changes to the Brawl Pass

Yes, the Brawl Pass will no longer be available for Gems starting in January 2024 (!!!)
No, free-to-play progression won’t be nerfed because of that (phew!)

Our goals with these changes are:

  • To make the Brawl Pass more fun to complete

  • Give more flexibility on how you progress it

  • Make the Brawl Pass more rewarding for both free-to-play and paying players

  • Improve the Brawl Pass monetization to help grow the game

This post will have A LOT of information, so please take your time reading it! We also encourage you to share and discuss your questions and concerns on our social media channels – we’ll be reading your feedback, and if necessary, we can follow up with another post answering the most asked questions, but hopefully, this text should contain ⭐EVERYTHING ⭐

We are communicating this in advance in case you were saving Gems for future Brawl passes and would still like to use them on the #RangerRanch Pass or the #BizarreCircus Pass.

You’ll find a summary of all the Brawl Pass changes at the end of this text, but we strongly recommend you read everything because knowledge is power. So HERE WE GO:

Season Length

OLD: 2-month long and starts on the first Monday of each month
NEW: 1-month(ish) long and will start on the first Thursday of each month

We know that most players don’t complete the Brawl Pass (around 85% of the players don’t reach tier 70) – and the ones who do finish it don’t feel rewarded enough for that.

We can also see that a lot of players stop playing after they collect the Brawl Pass Brawler and only return to the game after the season ends (or sometimes they don’t ever return 🪦)

A 2-month Pass is too long! The 1-month long Pass allows each season to feel fresh and new. Seeing that players are really engaged in the first month of the pass should make a lot more players complete the new Pass and, therefore, get more rewards than they would normally get with the 2-month version.

Also, the change in the starting date of the Pass is so that we can have seasons start right after updates and also closer to weekends (so the first weekend after an update feels cooler!)

Quests and Brawl Pass Tokens

OLD: Most of the Brawl Pass progress comes from Daily Quests
NEW: Most of the Brawl Pass progress will come from Seasonal Quests that can be completed at any given point during the season

If you play daily and complete your Daily Quests, you will complete the Brawl Pass and get more rewards. But that should not be the main way to complete it.

We know that a lot of players can only play on specific days and times or only during the weekends, so we will increase the number of Seasonal quests. This should give you much more freedom on how (and when) you want to complete the Brawl Pass without affecting those who play on a daily basis.

Two other changes to Quests: we are removing the Hard Quest and replacing it with more Medium Quests (which will now grant you 500 Tokens instead of 250), so the progress should feel smoother and less grindy. We are also adding Seasonal Quests daily instead of only Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is easier to understand and gives you more freedom if you prefer to have shorter play sessions.

To adjust for these changes, we are also increasing the number of Tokens needed to unlock each tier and each tail reward. This shouldn’t make you progress slower or faster - the pace should remain the same as it is now, but with this change, you will have more options to decide on how you want to complete the Pass.

Progression Rewards in the free Brawl Pass track for a free-to-play player

(Note that in the data below, we are considering a player who saves all their Gems to get a free Brawl Pass every other season - so 3 passes per year)

OLD - Rewards for 1 year: 90,525 Coins, 28,500 Power Points, 540 Gems, 8,880 Credits, 4,500 Chroma Credits
NEW - Rewards for 1 year: 96,000 Coins, 30,000 Power Points, 600 Gems, 12,000 Credits, 0 Chroma Credits
We are also adding to the NEW Brawl Pass (for 1 year): 348 Starr Drops and 12 guaranteed Legendary Starr Drops. More info below!

You might be wondering, “Er… where are all my Chroma Credits?! Is this a Chroma nerf?!”
No, because Chroma Credits will be removed (more info below!), and we will be converting it to Credits. You’ll still be missing some credits though, but we are adding a Legendary Starr Drop in the free track at the end of every monthly pass. This should make up for it!

“But what about my tail rewards?”
On top of the progression buffs to the free track, we are adding 348 Starr Drops in a year of completing the Brawl Passes (29 per monthly Brawl Pass). The tail rewards will also be replaced with Starr Drops (and they will require more tokens to unlock).

“But there’s gotta be a nerf somewhere, right?”
Yes, if you are a free-to-play player who gets the Brawl Pass for free every other season, you’ll be earning less Bling, but of course, value-wise, you’ll be earning more cosmetics through Starr Drops. The Power League (after its rework) should still be the main place for Bling, but it’s something we will rework early next year only.

In summary, free-to-play players will see a small buff to their progression and will be able to use their Gems for other things like cosmetics, progression, offers, etc. These changes should democratize the rewards, meaning that casual players will be getting a lot more stuff than they would normally get.

The goal of these changes is to improve the Brawl Pass on all fronts. Currently, if you are a free-to-play player, the optimal way to progress your account is by using Gems to get the Brawl Pass every other season. We don’t want to take this source of progression away from free-to-play players, so the new Brawl Pass will include all these rewards in the free track.

Brawl Pass Pricing, Value & Rewards

OLD: 169 Gems or 9,99$ for the Brawl Pass with 10 tiers completed (if buy it from the Supercell Store)
NEW: It won’t be available for Gems anymore. The price is 6,99$ for the monthly Brawl Pass or 9,99$ for the new Brawl Pass Plus (which includes 25% Pass completion)

Currently, the Brawl Pass gives you around 13x the value for the investment you put in. By changing it to IAP (In-App Transaction) only, we can increase this value by A LOT more. Now, the new Brawl Pass will give you nearly 18x the value, and the Brawl Pass Plus will give you 20x more, plus some unique cosmetics.

You’ll note that if the 2-month long Brawl Pass costs 9,99$, A 1-month Brawl Pass should cost around 4,99$. However, the progression you’ll get monthly in the Paid Brawl Pass will be WAY better.

Here are the rewards you’ll be getting in the paid Brawl Pass compared to the current one:

OLD - $9.99 - Rewards for 2 months: 5,695 Coins, 2,400 Power Points, 720 Credits, 4,350 Bling, 0 Gems
NEW - $6.99 - Rewards for 1 month: 8,000 Coins, 2,000 Power Points, 1000 Credits, 2200 Bling, 50 Gems (updated on December 6th, 2023)
Also in the NEW Brawl Pass: Epic Skin, Collector Pins, Collector Spray, Collector Icon, more Tokens, and the ability to unlock any Brawler you want (up to Epic) OR to claim 1000 Credits instead

Brawlers won’t be part of the Brawl Pass anymore. Instead, you can instantly unlock any Brawler you would like to obtain up to Epic rarity, or alternatively, you can claim 1,000 extra Credits that will go into the Starr Road and help you with unlocking your next Brawler.

Either way, here’s the content for the Brawl Pass Plus:

  • Everything you get in the paid Brawl Pass

  • Plus 3,000 Coins, 1,500 Power Points, 1,500 Bling, 50 Gems

  • Exclusive* Color Variations of the Brawl Pass Skin, a unique title, and more!

*Brawl Pass Skins are exclusive for a year!

Changes to Chroma Credits and Chromatic Brawlers

OLD: Chromatic Brawlers can only be obtained with Gems, Chroma Credits, or in the Brawl Pass
NEW: The Chromatic Rarity will be removed together with Chroma Credits. Chromatic Brawlers will move to Starr Road, where they can now be obtained with Gems or Credits

Every Chromatic Brawler will receive a different rarity (if you want to get some of them for Chroma Credits, NOW is the time!) Here are the new rarities for each of them:

Epic - Pearl, Mandy, Maisie, Sam, Lola, Ash, Belle, Gale and Colette
Mythic - Lou, Ruffs, Buzz, Fang, Janet, Otis, R-T, Charlie, Eve and Buster
Legendary - Cordelius and Surge

If you don’t use your Chroma Credits, then they will be converted to Credits (each Chroma Credit worth 1.85 Credits) when the Brawl Pass changes Update arrives.

This change also means that each Chromatic Brawler’s Mastery Track will be changed to align with their new rarity, so… if you want those current rewards, you have two months to collect them!

We feel that with the ability to pick any Brawler (up to Epic) or 1000 Credits per Brawl Pass, the Chromatic Rarity and the Chroma Credits lost their purpose. Also, having one single place to collect Brawlers is a lot simpler for everyone. Hopefully, we’ll be able to give more value and versatility to players with every Brawl Pass.


The numbers above should be final (or very close to final), and the core concept of the changes should remain the same. However, the Brawl Pass price might change based on the local currency.

More stuff and future plans!

  • We are still planning to release 10-12 Brawlers every year

  • Even though the new Brawl Pass Seasons will be monthly, we’ll still release our updates every 2 months

  • Since Chromatic Rarity will no longer exist, Brawlers will be released with different rarities (Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic, and Legendary), and if they are not part of the pass, they will be able to be collected on their release dates with Credits

  • We’ll most likely have early accesses for Brawlers outside the Brawl Pass, seeing how successful Chuck’s release was

  • We’ll have bigger events similar to the #ShootingStarrDrops campaign, which should compensate for the missing Club Rewards

  • Power League rework will be our next target, and apart from being the source of Bling, we’ll still add more flex cosmetics

“I don’t wanna read all of this. What’s new?”

  • Brawl Pass Season changes to 1-month long

  • Brawl Pass no longer available for Gems

  • Brawl Pass costs 6.99$, and Brawl Pass Plus costs 9.99$

  • Free-to-Play players who buy 3 passes a year should get their progression buffed!

  • Bling got nerfed in the Free Track

  • But Gems got mildly buffed

  • The Brawl Pass value is now buffed from 13x Value to 20x Value (or 25x Value with Brawl Pass Plus)

  • Chromatic Brawlers and Chromatic Coins is going to be removed

  • Chromatic Brawlers were distributed among the existing rarities in-game

  • Their Mastery Track will also change because of that

  • A lot of Starr Drops in the Brawl Pass (including a guaranteed Legendary per month)

  • Tail Rewards will also change to Starr Drops

  • These changes will come into effect starting in January 2024

  • Thanks for reading!

And that’s all! Thank you for reading it through or watching a content creator video about it! And please share your thoughts about the changes!