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Brawl Stars — Oct 29, 2019

Power Play is here!

Power Play

Our newest competitive way to play Brawl! With just three Power Play matches per day, you’ll need to win your games and climb the rankings to achieve glory and Star Points! Power Play will be a 14 day Season, starting on Tuesday 29th!

  • Unlocked when a player earns their first Star Power, and only Brawlers with a Star Power can participate in Power Plays. A maximum of three matches can be played daily, and the rankings reset each season

  • Power Play matchmaking is based on your current points in the Power Play Season (not Trophies).

    • 3v3 victory = 30 points

    • 3v3 tie = 15 points

    • 3v3 loss = 5 points

    • Showdown, Duo Showdown, Lone Star and Takedown points dependent on placement

  • Epic Win! When you win a 3v3 Power Play match by achieving specific goals, you get 3 extra points!

    • Gem Grab = Win the match before the 15th Gem spawns

    • Heist/Seige = Win with at least 80% Safe/Base health remaining

    • Brawl Ball = Win 2-0

    • Bounty = Win by 10+ stars

  • Rewards are given at the end of each Season based on your points (how many points you have accumulated during the season).

  • Top 200 Players also receive an extra reward based on their ranking! In the case of a tie, a player’s total Trophies are used.