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Brawl Stars — Jun 5, 2023

Save The Frogs!

For World Environment Day, we are raising awareness about the Harlequin Toad found in the dense jungles of the Amazon, through our ‘Save the Frogs’ event.

These colorful amphibians are on the brink of extinction with over 40% of the species having disappeared from their known locations. Climate change and biodiversity loss are two sides of the same coin – both at risk due to the unsustainable activities we do as humans. From cutting
down forests to make room for farming, agriculture and livestock, or even for urban development, to overfishing and mining, all these affect the wild animals, plants and ecosystems around us.

With our participation in Play for the Planet’s Green Game Jam we hope to connect players to nature and share knowledge about the critical role nature plays in our health and wellbeing. Everything is connected on our planet. Nature gives us the water in our taps to the food on our plates, and more. Without a healthy planet it gets much harder for us all.

We can all make a positive contribution by learning more about the effects of climate change and our impact on the environment around us. Read more here:

And if you enjoy this event, VOTE for Brawl Stars to win the Green Game Jam's, Player's Choice award: