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Brawl Stars — Sep 20, 2023

Watch Live Streams & Get FREE Rewards!

Get free rewards by watching Brawl Stars livestreams on Twitch!

We’re launching a Twitch Drops campaign for the first time ever! Keep reading to learn about the dates, rewards, and how to claim them!

When is it happening?

Starts on September 21st - 07:00 UTC
Ends on September 25th - 07:00 UTC

What are the rewards & watch time requirements?

300 Coins - 30 minutes
150 Power Points & 50 Bling - 60 minutes
10 Gems & Brawl Academy Player Icon - 120 minutes

How to Participate

  • Link your account: First step is to make sure to connect your Supercell ID to your Twitch account on the campaign page on Twitch, or here:

  • Watch: Literally, just tune in to any streamer playing Brawl Stars during the campaign period! If a streamer has the Drops activated, you'll see a message popping up in the chat as soon as you join their stream.

  • Claim: After you reach a milestone, go to your Twitch inventory and claim the rewards! They will show up on your game a few minutes after claiming them on Twitch. You can also track each of your rewards’ progress here:

Rewards will expire a few weeks after the campaign is over, so don’t forget to claim them!