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Brawl Stars — Aug 27, 2019

August Update

New Brawler - 8-BIT

  • 🏆Available in the Trophy Road for 6000 Trophies 🏆

  • Main attack: Blaster Beams

    • 8-BIT fires a burst of lasers

  • Super Ability: Damage booster

    • 8-BIT deploys a structure that boosts all teammates damage by 30% (both Main and Super attack) in its area of effect

  • Star Power: Boosted Booster

    • Damage booster effective radius is increased by 50%

  • Star Power: Extra Life (Going to be released afterward)

    • 8-BIT respawns instantly once per game (Not functional in Big Game while playing as the Big Brawler)

  • Old players who have already passed the 6000 Trophy mark on the Trophy Road will have 8-BIT automatically added to their collection when they launch the new update

  • 8-BIT replaces old Mega Box reward that was at 6000 Trophies

New Skins

  • 8-BIT Classic - 30 Gems

  • Shark Leon - 80 Gems

  • Pink Piper - 500 Star Points

  • Iris Tara - 500 Star Points

Brawler Visual Changes

  • Piper rework

  • Penny animations rework

  • Mortis attack animation rework

  • Bunny Penny skinning fix

  • Bull animations fixes

  • Other small VFX changes

Map Rotation Changes

  • Brawl Ball is now the only mode played in slot 3 (Bounty moved to slot 4)

  • Bounty, Heist, and Siege are now rotating in slot 4

Gem Grab

  • Added: Royal Flush


  • Added: Deserted Vertex, Outrageous Outback, Barren Badlands, Critical Crossing

  • Removed: Eye of the Storm, Thousand Lakes, Hot Point, Skull Creek

Brawl Ball

  • Added: Field Goal, Post Haste, Slalom Slam, Coarse Course, Power Shot, Sneaky Fields, Pinhole Hunt.


  • Added: Overgrown Oasis

  • Removed: Temple Ruins, Sunstroke, Burning Sands


  • Removed: Beachcombers, Side Story


  • Removed: Mecha Match, Straight Shot, Assembly Attack

Showdown Moon Festival Event (Early September)

  • Special graphics for the Showdown Box and Power Cube during this event

Trophy Progression

  • New Brawler Ranks added

    • Rank 21 at 550 Trophies to Rank 35 at 1250 Trophies

    • New one time Star Points rewards added

      • Rank 25 (750 Trophies) - 400 Star Points

      • Rank 30 (1000 Trophies) - 500 Star Points

      • Rank 35 (1250 Trophies) - 600 Star Points

    • The usual 10 tokens rewarded upon reaching each new rank

    • Players who have already passed these new Rank thresholds are automatically compensated with the Rank, Star Point and Token rewards upon launching the game after updating

      • Rank shown and rewards given out after the update are based on the Brawler's highest ever reached trophy score (so for example if a Brawler has once reached 750 Trophies before the update but is currently at 500 Trophies the rewards are given based on 750 Trophies)


  • End of Season offers

    • 1 Big Box - 500 Star Points

    • 1 Mega Box - 1500 Star Points

Season End Star Point Rewards Rework

  • Star Point rewards at a season's end are now based on reaching certain Trophy milestones with a Brawler*

  • Trophies are now reset to a fixed value based on where the Brawler was at the end of the season

  • The goal with this change is to make Star Points more accessible to more players and to further promote playing multiple different Brawlers during the season

  • New milestones are visualized in a new UI screen which can be found by tapping the Brawler Rank icon in the Brawler screen when the Brawler has once reached over 500 Trophies

Brawler Balance and Changes

Increased main attack projectile speed by 8%.
Increased Shield from Protective Pirouette Star Power from 30% to 40%.

Increased Speed buff from Slick Boots Star Power from 8% to 10%.


Increased Damage per second from Mama's Squeeze Star Power from 300 to 500.
Increased Healing from Mama's Hug Star Power from 30 to 40.


Increased visibility bonus from Circling Eagle Star Power from 2 tiles to 3 tiles.


Increased damage per second from Incendiary Star Power from 300 to 400.


Increased main attack mine explosion radius by 11%.

El Primo:

Increased damage from El Fuego Star Power from 800 to 1000.


Increased health from Sponge Star Power from 1000 to 1100.


Increased health from 5000 to 5200.


Increased Healing per second from Fertilize Star Power from 500 to 600.


Healing Shade Star Power pet no longer heals brawlers that have full health.

Increased health for Black Portal Star Power pet from 2400 to 3000.


Increased Shield from Battling Stance Star Power from 30% to 40%.


Increased Healing per second from Invisiheal Star Power from 600 to 800.


Band-aid now heals for 2000 health instead of giving full health.


Decreased range increase from Coiled Snake Star Power from 100% to 75%.


Decreased damage from Screeching Solo Star Power from 1200 to 1000.


Decreased Shield from Steel Hoops Star Power from 30% to 25%.

Both shotguns now shoot bullets from the middle of the Brawler (both shots have the same pattern now).


Decreased bullets gained from Snappy Sniping Star Power from 0.5 to 0.4.

Increased bonus damage from Ambush Star Power from 400 to 500.


Changed Gene's Star Power Pat on the Back to Spirit Slap:

Spirit Slap: When Gene's Super is fully charged he does +300 damage with his main attack.


  • "Home Run" bar turns red when it's fully charged

  • Melee hit effects are now shown when attacking Showdown boxes (both sounds and visual effects if applicable)

  • Camera shake effect added for Bibi when she swings her bat

  • Brawl Ball: Pets (Turrets, Nita Bear etc.) can now see enemy Brawlers inside bushes if the Brawler is carrying the ball

  • Club Mail - Added cooldown remaining countdown when trying to send club mail while on cooldown

  • When playing games with bots, bots can now choose any brawlers (more rare brawlers are less likely to be picked by the bots).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused Colt's attack range star power (and other similar) to increase the visual range of the Brawl Ball targeting line as well

  • Fixed an issue with Shop notification ticker not being cleared correctly if new skins became available in the Shop after it had been visited once

  • Tick's head no longer homes to targets or explodes on targets that are in the air

  • When penny's "last barrage" Star Power bombs defeat enemies in Bounty, Penny's bounty now properly increase