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Brawl Stars — Sep 17, 2020

Balance Changes!

Colette Balance Changes!

  • Colette's now deals fixed Main Attack and Super Attack damage against pets and summonable objects such as Nita's Bear and Jessie's Turret (similarly as against other "special targets" such as PvE bosses or Showdown boxes)

  • Main Attack base damage percent increased from 35% to 37%

  • Main Attack minimum damage increased from 200 to 500

  • Main Attack minimum damage now scales with buffs (such as Power Cubes)

  • Colette's Gadget (Na-ah!) now deals 37% of enemy Brawler's max health as damage with the next Main Attack (and doubles the Main Attack fixed damage against special targets)

  • Super Attack fixed damage against special targets increased from 1000 to 2000

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed missing Brawl Pass icons for Poco Starr and Trixie Colette skins in Brawler Menu

  • Fixed an issue which prevented El Atomico skin from appearing in the Star Shop

  • Fixed an issue where 8-BIT's Plugged In Star Power ground effect area was cut off too early from the screen when moving out of the vision range

  • Fixed an issue where 8-BIT's Booster sound effect was played every time the booster station came into the field of view of another player

  • Fixed an issue which displayed incorrect name for the 10th bot while playing Duo Showdown in Friendly Game Rooms

  • Fixed crash issues caused by disabling slots in Friendly Game Rooms

  • Exploit fixes