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Brawl Stars — Nov 16, 2023

#BizarreCircus Patch Notes

Maintenance - November 16

In this one, we’re fixing some bugs and making improvements to Legendary Starr Drops!

  • Legendary Starr Drops will no longer give Gadgets, Pins, Sprays, or Profile Icons. These will move to Mythic Starr Drops only

  • Now, Legendary Starr Drops will only contain Star Powers, Hypercharges, Brawlers of Epic to Legendary rarities, and Super Rare and Epic Skins

  • You can still get resources from Legendary Starr Drops, but only if they are fallback rewards

  • To be able to make this change without increasing the total reward distribution we had to rebalance resources in other rarities, so Coins and Token Doublers were slightly nerfed, but

  • Gadgets, Star Powers, and Hypercharges probabilities got increased

  • Fixed an issue where some top contributors in the Mega Pig Club event were receiving double the Starr Drops than supposed

And in case you were wondering, we haven't decreased the chances of getting a Legendary Starr Drop as a result of all these changes!

Maintenance - November 9

  • Fixed an issue where players could still pick banned Brawlers in Power League

  • Fixed an issue where new players would lose Coins when autocreating a Club after unlocking this feature in the Trophy Road

  • Fixed an issue in Duo Showdown where players would spawn next to opponents on certain maps

  • Cocoons now deal damage or healing at the start of the instance rather than at the end

  • Fixed an issue where other types of damage over time would continue to have effect while inside a cocoon

  • Balance changes for Charlie:

    • Reduced cocoon duration from 10 → 7s

    • Star Power - Digestive - Reduced max HP damage from 50 → 25%

    • You now keep the same ammo after getting out of a cocoon that you had when entering

Optional Update (Android) - November 2

A new optional update is available for Android devices. Make sure to download it from the Google Play store to apply the following fix:

  • Fixed an issue that was causing a crash when entering the Shop

Maintenance - October 27

  • Fixed the issue with some Star Powers and Gadgets crashing the game

  • Fixed the issue with Sandy's Super and Otis' Gadget crashing the game

  • Fixed the issue where Pearl's Super damage was not taking accumulated Heat into account

  • Fixed the issue causing the Bye Club League login calendar to not appear to some players

  • Re-enabled the Hypercharge Unleashed event

Optional Update (iOS & Android) - October 26

An optional update is now available for iOS and Android devices! For the best in-game experience, make sure to download the latest version of the game from your App Store/Google Play Store.

  • Fixed the issue that prevented players from selecting the 3rd Brawler for Duels or interact with the rightmost member of a team

  • Evil Queen Pam's Spray is now visible

New Brawler: Charlie (Chromatic)

Type: Controller

  • Attack: Yo-Yo

    • Charlie slings her yo-yo forward, damaging the first enemy hit and then returning back to her

  •  Super: Cocoon

    • Charlie throws forward a bundle of hair wrapping around an enemy on hit, disabling them until the hairy cocoon is destroyed

  • Gadget: Spiders

    • Charlie releases 3 spiders that seek and attack the nearest enemies

  • Gadget: Personal Space

    •  Charlie cocoons herself, healing 50% of her total health

  • Star Power: Digestive

    • Cocooned enemies lose 50% of their health while cocooned

  • Star Power: Slimy

    • Cocoon leaves a slimy trail behind it for 5 seconds that slows down enemies walking over it

  • Hypercharge: Pestilence

    • Cocoon spawns 3 spiders that seek and attack the nearest enemies

New Hypercharges

  • Rosa: Grasping Roots

    • Rosa slows down all nearby enemies while her Super is active

  • Maisie: Aftermath

    • Maisie's Super also shoots her basic attack projectiles around her in all directions

  • Lou: Slushie Storm

    • Lou's Super instantly freezes enemies in the area

  • Jessie: Scrappy 2.0

    • Jessie's turret has 50% more health and deals  20% more damage

  • Colette: Teen Spirit

    • Colette's spirit follows her during her dash, damaging enemies on the way

  • Charlie: Pestilence

    • Cocoon spawns 3 spiders that seek and attack the nearest enemies

New Skins


  • White Wolf Leon (199 Gems)

  • Hoot Hoot Shelly (199 Gems)

  • Kabocha Fang  (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling) | MAKE Skin by GlowingShark

This year’s Brawl-o-Ween Skins will be available in the Shop in late October


  • Dark Clown Sam (79 Gems / 2,750 Bling)

  • Cobra Lola (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling) | Power League Skin

  • Tusked Nita (299 Gems)

  • Ringmaster Byron (199 Gems)

The Bizarre Circus Skins will be available at the start of the Brawl Pass season in early November.


  • Dasis Grom (199 Gems)

  • Vanara Frank (199 Gems)

  • Brother Bo (199 Gems) & Supreme Bo Skin color variation (49 Gems) | Requires owning the Brother Bo Skin

The Warrior’s Journey Skins will be available in the Shop in mid November

The GHOST STATION Skins are coming back!

  • Inspector Colette  (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling)

  • Trash Panda Penny (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling)

  • Chainsaw Buster (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling)

These Skins will become available in late October!


  • Colt Base Model

Other Skins

  • Mecha Edgar 00 (49 Gems) & Mecha Edgar 01 (49 Gems) | Available when the update releases (these Skin color variations require owning the Mecha Edgar Skin)

  • Boy Scout Gus (29 Gems) | Available in the Shop in late October

  • Rosie Charlie | Available in the Brawl Pass as the Tier 70 Reward

  • Amazing Charlie (29 Gems) | Available in the Shop in early November

  • Hockey Mortis (149 Gems) | Available in the Shop in early November

  • Lavish Lola (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling) | Available in late November

New Cosmetic Items


  • Charlie set, Rosie Charlie

  • MEGA PIG set

  • Hoot Hoot Shelly, White Wolf Leon, Kabocha Fang

  • Bizarre Circus Clown, Cotton Candy, Ringmaster Byron, Cobra Lola, Tusked Nita Set

  • Hypercharged Charlie, Maisie, Colette, Lou, Rosa and Jessie

  • Esports Set

  • Hockey Mortis

  • Warrior’s Journey set, Dasis Grom, Supreme Bo, Brother Bo, Vanara Frank

  • Hot Rod Brock, Road Rage Carl, Bake Sale Barley, Lawless Lola, Rockabilly Mortis, V8-Bit

  • Evil Queen Pam set, Robo Mike set

  • Mecha Edgar 00, Mecha Edgar 01, Light Mecha Mortis, Dark Mecha Mortis

  • Jessie set (remodeled)

  • Foldable device


  • Charlie

  • Hoot Hoot Shelly, White Wolf Leon, Kabocha Fang

  • Bizarre Circus Clown, Magic Saw Set, Ringmaster Byron, Cobra Lola, Tusked Nita

  • Hypercharged Charlie, Maisie, Colette, Lou, Rosa and Jessie

  • Dasis Grom, Supreme Bo, Brother Bo, Vanara Frank

  • Evil Queen Pam, Robo Mike

Profile Icons

  • Charlie

  • Hoot Hoot Shelly, White Wolf Leon, Kabocha Fang

  • Camera

  • Bizarre Circus logo, Ringmaster Byron, Cobra Lola, Tusked Nita

  • Hypercharged Charlie, Maisie, Colette, Lou, Rosa and Jessie

  • Hockey Mortis

  • Warrior’s Journey, Dasis Grom, Supreme Bo, Brother Bo, Vanara Frank

  • Hot Rod Brock, Bake Sale Barley, Lawless Lola, Rockabilly Mortis

  • Evil Queen Pam, Robo Mike


  • The Amazing (Charlie)

Balance Changes


  • Gears

    • Pet power - Increased power 20 → 25%

      • Pet power has underperformed in comparison to normal damage gear. They should be more in line for brawlers that can utilize both, so this is one step towards that.

    • Sandy - Exhausting storm - Increased damage reduction effect 10 → 20% 

      • Now, even sandier!

    • Shield - Increased health 600 → 900

      • Shield is the only element that will not be affected by the % revamp. Making it % based would flip it from being great on squishy brawlers to great on tanky brawlers instead - which is not something we want.

    • Leon - Lingering smoke - Increased duration 1 → 2s

      • One second is all it takes - getting a takedown for me, possibilities...

  • Doug

    • Increased Super range 20 → 28

    • Increased Super width 50 → 200

      • Now, why would anyone want to miss out on the tastiest of hotdogs? This should allow Doug to properly use his super on teammates when he's full himself!


  • Gears

    • Speed - Decreased movement speed 20 → 15%

      • Welcome to the jungle - but slower.

  • Crow

    • Gadget - Slowing toxin - Decreased duration 3 → 2s

      • Gadget gear gave Crow a bit too much control, so tuning some of it down

  • Chuck

    • Chuck doesn't have his Super Charged after respawning (so it prevents him from using his Super while still invincible).

      • The train will be slightly delayed

  • Shelly

    • Decreased Super charge from Super 112 → 60

      • ANOTHA ONE - she's been too good simply at chaining supers off of supers.

  • Gus

    • Gadget - Kooky Popper - Removed knockback effect

      • With the combo of knocking back enemies + using the main attack, it allowed Gus, a support Brawler, to become a friggin' assassin.

  • Pearl

    • Gadget - Overcooked - Decreased extra damage 60 → 40%

      • Who let Pearl cook to this extent? It couldn't be me

  • Squeak

    • Gadget - Residue duration - Decreased duration 8 → 6s

      • Same as Crow's

  • Fang

    • Main attack - Reduced damage 1400 → 1360

      • Fang has been really strong lately, thanks to his Super charge buff + damage. While we want to keep him high risk-high reward, reducing his burst allows more brawlers to fight him even when he does come up to you

  • Buster

    • Main attack - Reduced damage 1440 → 1400

      • Buster, much like Fang, also saw a resurgence due to his stats being increased. This, along with the gadget gear for slo-mo replay, has made him a tad too strong - but the first step is to tune his overall stats down a little.

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes


Based on the community vote, we've removed Siege from rotation and brought back Duels, which will rotate in the Community Slot together with Wipeout.

  • Bounty

    • Unchanged

  • Brawl Ball

    • Removed

      • Penalty Kick

      • Pinball Dreams

    • Added

      • Iron Bars (New)

      • Deadly Deflections (New)

  • Gem Grab

    • Removed

      • Deathcap Trap

      • Undermine

    • Added

      • Stacking (New)

      • Warehouse (New)

  • Heist

    • Removed

      • Pit Stop

    • Added

      • Hungry Hippos (New)

  • Hot Zone

    • Removed

      • Open Business

    • Added

      • On the Train (New)

  • Knockout

    • Removed

      • Flowing Springs

      • New Perspective

    • Added

      • Into Infinity (New)

      • Waters of Doom (New)

  • Showdown

    • Removed

      • Cavern Churn

      • Island Invasion

    • Added

      • Vicious Vortex (New)

      • Descending Dimensions (New)

  • Wipeout

    • Unchanged

  • Siege

    • Removed

      • All

  • Duels

    • Added

      • Eyes on the Ground

      • Devil's Pass

      • Cheeky Chokepoint

      • Battered Battlefield

Ranked (Power League)

  • Bounty

    • Shooting Star

    • Canal Grande

    • Dry Season

  • Brawl Ball

    • Field Goal

    • Pinhole Punt

    • Super Beach

  • Gem Grab

    • Hard Rock Mine

    • Double Swoosh

    • Last Stop

  • Heist

    • Kaboom Canyon

    • Safe Zone

    • Hot Potato

  • Hot Zone

    • Ring of Fire

    • Dueling Beetles

    • Split

  • Knockout

    • Goldarm Gulch

    • Belle's Rock

    • Out in the Open

Map Environment Changes

  • Removed Themes

    • Robot Factory 

    • Enchanted Forest 

    • Scrapyard

  • Added Themes

    • Bizarre Circus (New)

    • Mortis Mortuary

    • Bull's Diner

    • Mega Pig

Club League Changes

  • Both League weeks and Quest weeks have been removed

  • Club Shop is removed, and unused Club Coins will be converted to Coins & Power Points: 

    • Half will be converted to Power Points, and the other half will be converted to Coins

New Club Event: MEGA PIG

New monthly event replacing Club League! 

  • Fill the MEGA PIG to smash it open at the end of the event and get loads of rewards!

  • At the start of each monthly event, all Club Members receive 18 Tickets that they can use to play matches

  • Every win will fill up the MEGA PIG with Coins, Power Points, Bling, and Starr Drops that will be distributed to all Club members at the end of the event

  • Reaching each MEGA PIG milestone increases the amount of rewards you receive

  • The more you fill the MEGA PIG, the more rewards you get! So, being in a full and active Club highly increases your chances of completely filling the MEGA PIG


  • The rewards are always divided by how many members you have in your Club

    • There's a cap on the maximum rewards you can get if you manage to fill the MEGA PIG with fewer members

    • This allows smaller clubs to also get the benefit of the event, but it prevents the system from being exploited if you have fewer members

  • To be eligible for the rewards, you need to win at least one game


Together with the MEGA PIG event we’re introducing a new format featuring random game modes, maps and (new) modifiers!

The new modifiers are:

  • Super Bushy

  • The match starts with normal bushes, then the bushes start spreading in random directions every second

  • Instant Overtime

  • All objects disappear from the map (including unbreakable walls)

  • Unlimited Power

  • On death, Brawlers spawn a Power Cube that any Brawler can pick up

  • Classic

    • Just a good old match without any modifiers

Games during the MEGA PIG event feature a simplified Ranked format:

  • No ban phase

  • No preparation phase

  • Synchronous pick-phase for both teams (blind)

  • Duplicates in the enemy team allowed

Our goal for this change was to improve the time it takes to get to matches while still allowing you to pick the best composition for the map, mode, and modifier.

Bye Club League Calendars Event!

After the update releases, there will be a 25-day login calendar to welcome the MEGA PIG into the game and to compensate somewhat for the reduced total rewards, counting down the days until the 1st MEGA PIG event starts!

The calendar features Starr Drops, new Pins and the last rewards depends on your highest-ever Club League Tier: 

  • No Club, Bronze, Silver & Gold Epic Starr Drop

  • Diamond, Mythic = Mythic Star Drop

  • Legendary & MASTERS - Legendary Starr Drop on the last day

Club League Skins

Old Club League Skins will now be available in the Shop and the Catalog with the following prices:

  • Pizza Oven Ash - 149 Gems / 5,000 Bling

  • Chicken Rico - 149 Gems / 5,000 Bling

  • Potato Squeak - 79 Gems / 2,750 Bling

  • Lion Bull - 149 Gems / 5,000 Bling

  • Moldy Mike - 199 Gems

Other Club Improvements

  • The cost to create a Club now is 1,000 Coins

  • Clubs now unlock at 400 Trophies

  • Club search results should be better and now prioritize Clubs with at least 22 active members, cascading downwards in recommendations

  • Replays can now be shared in the Club Chat

  • Improved the ability for Clubs to invite players

Hypercharge Release Changes

  • 5 Hypercharges will be released when the update releases

  • Charlie's Hypercharge will be available later after the Brawl Pass season starts

  • Hypercharges will be available in the Shop for a discounted price of 79 Gems after the update releases

  • Hypercharge Collector's Packs will be available in the Shop for a discounted price of 144 Gems

  • Hypercharges will become available for 5,000 Coins after a two-week period

Hypercharge Unleashed Event Changes

  • You now get a random Hypercharge when completing the event Quest!

  • Changed the event Quest objective from Wins to Hypercharge activations in matches

  • If you already own all the Hypercharges when you complete the Quest, you will get 1000 Coins instead


  • Changed the default Gem to Coin ratio:

  • Old: 1 Gem = 9.3 Coins

  • New: 1 Gem = 10 Coins (+7.5% buff)

Re-enabled Standard Coin Packs, featuring new packs based on the new conversion ratio:

  • 30 Gems = 300 Coins (0% bonus)

  • 80 Gems = 880 Coins (10% bonus)

  • 170 Gems = 2,040 Coins (20% bonus)

  • 360 Gems = 4,680 Coins (30% bonus)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Rodeo Hank did more damage under himself than intended

  • Fixed an issue with tooltips on upgrading Jacky

  • Fixed a visual effect issue happening with Cordelius’ jumps

  • Fixed the Takedown VFX crashing the game while spectating/watching replays

  • Fixed some jittery animations

  • Fixed visibility for unreleased Brawlers

  • Fixed an issue with Pearl’s Hypercharge area

  • Fixed the targeting indicator not being accurate for a few Brawlers

  • Fixed other aiming indicator-related issues

  • Fixed some issues with Willow's Hex ability

  • Fixed an issue with Chester's Bell 'O' Mania not receiving damage buffs

  • Fixed an issue with Chester's Super after re-spawning

  • Fixed an issue with Gus' winning animation


  • Power Point cap is now completely removed

  • Changed Pearl’s Mastery Title to “Let me cook”

  • Improved loading time when opening Starr Drop Rewards

  • 199 and 299 Gem Skins now automatically deliver all the cosmetics linked to the Skin