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Brawl Stars — Jan 25, 2023

#CandyLand Update - Release Notes!

Maintenance 13/02/2023

  • Server maintenance

  • Fixed the issue with some special game modes not being registered in the player battle log

Maintenance 26/01/2023

  • Fixing Griff’s Super working weirdly if used around the edge of the map

  • Fixed some weird behavior with specific offers in the shop

  • Removed fame from profiles who had it without having all the Brawlers yet

Maintenance 12/01/2023

Balance changes:


  • Stun - Reduced damage significantly (1400 to 200)

  • Stun - Reduced the projectile speed by 25%

  • Stun - Stun reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second

  • Main attack - reduced damage (720 to 640)


  • Reduced the time it takes for Mandy's attack to focus while standing still by 40%


  • Reduced Super duration by half

  • Reduced basic damage (1480 to 1320)

  • Reduced Kevlar Vest damage reduction (20% to 10%)


  • Main attack: reduced projectile speed (880 ms to 840 ms - before December it was 800 ms)


  • Piano gadget - area decreased by 50%

Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be stuck on the loading screen for 24 hours

  • Fixed an issue where Mandy super hitbox got wonky after going out of bounds

Maintenance 21/12

  • Increased rewards for the Candy Land Brawl Pass and every Brawl Pass after that (starting from January)

After reading some community feedback, we had another look at the progression rewards and made the decision to improve the Brawl Pass for the next season and so on. The goal is that players should slightly get more coins than before and should also get more Power Points.

Still, have in mind that more rewards can be claimed from the Club Shop, Special Quests, and Challenges.

Here are the changes:

Free Track

  • Power Point increased by 15.6%

  • Coins Increased by 9.4%

  • Credits increased by 11.7%

Premium Track

  • Power Point increased 6.7%

Tail Reward

  • Power Point increased 5%

  • Removed the Fame from some players got from an exploit

Optional Update (available soon today for both iOS and Android)

  • Fixed an issue where redundant currencies were shown in skin selector UI

  • iOS: Fixed an issue where free items in the shop showed incorrectly in the UI if the player owned all Brawlers

  • Fixed Fame overlapping with player names in certain scenarios in the UI

Maintenance 16/12

  • We had to run another maintenance to fix some remaining issues with the compensation

Maintenance: 16/12

  • Fixed the Quest Re-roll timer being longer than it was supposed to

  • Fixed Sandy Exhausting Storm combined with Healing Winds dealing only 1 damage to enemies

  • Fixed an issue where Chester slow super did not work if he was killed after activating it

  • Compensation is now in - It should be collected within 2 weeks. Players who got their Trophy Road Rewards again won’t receive the compensation (because they already got extra rewards from this bug)*

  • Fixed some localization typos

  • Fixed an issue where the abandon button showed for players who only had one brawler left to unlock

  • Fixed an issue where the extra Power Points you would get were not being converted to Coins if you had hit the Power Point cap

Some notes about the compensation:

  • Compensation is already live

  • It’s based on how many trophies you currently have, and it’s split into different trophy tiers (at every 2500 trophy milestone)

  • The tier range starts at 5000 Trophies and ends at 25000. People above or below this range will get the same rewards as the closest Trophy Tier they are at

  • Collect it in the shop within 2 weeks, or you’ll miss out!

  • This compensation is ONLY AVAILABLE for players who didn’t get their Trophy Road rewards again - this was a bug

  • You can only collect this compensation ONCE

*Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where are my Trophy Road rewards?

This was a bug. Nobody was supposed to get the Trophy Road rewards again. The ones who were able to collect their rewards will get to keep them. The ones who did not will receive compensation instead.

  • Why don’t you give the Trophy Road rewards to everybody?

The bug affected people inconsistently, meaning that it gave a set of random rewards based on how many Trophies players had. So it’s possible that some players with less trophies got more rewards than players who had more trophies. The compensation will reward people based on their own progress. The more Trophies you have, the more you will get (based on Trophy tiers, for each 2500 Trophies starting from 5000 Total Trophies).

  • Why did it take a week?

Apart from numerous discussions and calculations of what should be the compensation, and who should get them, we had to develop new functionality that would allow us to target ONLY the players who were not affected by this bug. Decisions, development, testing, and implementation take a lot of time.

Maintenance 12/12

- Fixing an issue related to Trophy Road rewards being available again after the update


New Brawler: Mandy (Chromatic)
Mandy is the CEO of Star Park’s Candy Land. She seems sweet, but that’s only a front for the customers. When she’s alone, she’s always cranky, either because Chester is annoying her, or because customers keep acting like… customers.

  • Attack: Candy Dispenser

    • Mandy shoots candy from her Candy Dispenser and while staying still she gains Focus, increasing her attack range.

  • Super: Sugar Ray

    • Mandy shoots a long ray of sugar passing through enemies and the environment, dealing massive damage.

  • Gadget: Caramelize

    • Mandy's next candy from her Candy Dispenser slows down enemies on hit for 2.5 seconds

  • Gadget: Cookie Crumbs

    • Mandy's next candy from her Candy Dispenser pierces enemies and the environment.

  • Star Power: In my Sights

    • Mandy shoots her candies with 20% more speed while Focused.

  • Star Power: Hard Candy

    • Mandy receives 20% shield while Focused.

New Brawler: Gray (Mythic)

Along with Lola, Gray is the second Brawler of the Brawlywood trio! He doesn’t speak much, but uses his body and gestures to express himself.

  • Attack: Finger Pistol

    • He shots in a line that damages enemies when hitting.

  • Super: Dimensional Doors

    • Gray creates doors for him and his teammates for quick escapes and sneaky attacks!

  • Gadget: Walking Cane

    • Gray's next hit from the Finger Pistol shoots a walking cane which pulls enemies back by a bit.

  • Gadget: Grand Piano

    • Gray's next hit from the Finger Pistol will also leave a target on the ground where a piano will land and hurt enemies. It would be too bad if someone got hurt, right?

  • Star Power: Fake Injury

    • When Gray has full health, the next damage taken is reduced by 25%.

  • Star Power: New Perspective

    • Recover 1000 health points from you and your allies when using the Doors.

New Brawler: Chester (Legendary)

Chester is a chaotic prankster who is extremely annoying, especially to Mandy. He finds it funny, but only because that’s how he expresses affection.

  • Attack: Cap and Bells

    • Chester shoots a sequence of bells from his cap, first one, then two and lastly three bells.

  • Trait: Jack in the Box

    • This Brawler starts with a random Super that keeps changing after every use.

  • Super: Candy Popper

    • Chester throws an exploding candy popper that destroys the environment, knocking back and damaging enemies.

  • Super: Jawbreaker

    • Chester shoots a large, hard candy that stuns enemies on hit.

  • Super: Salmiakki

    • Chester sprays a cone of salty salmiakki powder that poisons enemies, damaging them over time.

  • Super: Pop Rocks

    • Chester sprinkles crackling pop rocks on the ground, damaging enemies over time when standing on it.

  • Super: Strong Mint

    • Chester eats a refreshing mint that heals him over time.

  • Gadget: Spicy Dice

    • Chester gets a new random Super that is different from his current one.

  • Gadget: Candy Beans

    • Chester eats a mystery-flavored candy bean from his cap, gaining a random buff for 5 seconds.

      • Speed Boost

      • Damage Buff

      • Heal over Time

  • Star Power 1: BELL'O'MANIA

    • Chester's attack has an extra step with 4 rattles

  • Star Power 2: Sneak Peek

    • Chester will always know what his NEXT Super will be.

New Skins

Candyland Season

  • Magma Queen Mandy (Brawl Pass, Tier 70, 149 Gems)

  • Gummybear Nita (Brawl Pass, Tier 1, 79 Gems)

  • Piñata Ash (Power League, 25,000 Star Points or 149 Gems)

  • Buzzette (149 Gems)

  • Cupcake Darryl (149 Gems)

Dark Brawlidays

The Dark Brawlidays skins are not seasonal and will show up in the regular shop rotation.

  • Frost Queen Amber (149 Gems)

  • Yeti Sam (149 Gems)

  • Krampus Ash (79 Gems)

Lunar Brawl 2023

The Lunar Brawl 2023 skins are not seasonal and will show up in the regular shop rotation.

  • Baiku Eve (149 Gems)

  • High Score Griff (79 Gems)


  • Classic Shelly (Brawlidays, FREE on December 25th)

  • World Champion Gus (149 Gems)

  • Sam the Teddy (Brawlentines, 29 Gems)

  • MC Mandy (29 Gems)

  • Dark Chester (29 Gems)

  • Runaway Gray (29 Gems)

Starr Road

The Starr Road is the new way of unlocking Brawlers!

  • You will unlock all non-Chromatic Brawlers in the Starr Road

  • Depending on your experience and progress in unlocking Brawlers, you will either have a pre-defined Brawler to unlock or you will have the option to choose a Brawler of a specific rarity from a pre-defined list of Brawlers

  • Whenever you collect


    (see below) you will progress towards unlocking that Brawler

  • If you have the option between multiple Brawlers for that unlock Tier, you can switch between these options at any point and you will get a last chance to switch once you've collected all necessary Credits for that Brawler rarity

  • When a new Brawler is released, you can switch to unlock that brawler if you meet the requirements (see below)

  • If you collected all


    Brawlers, all collected


    from this point on will go into your



  • You can


    the progress of unlocking a Brawler using Gems at any point on the Starr Road or from the Brawler screen

  • All Brawlers can now be purchased for


    at any given point from the Brawler screen

Chromatic Shop

  • You can purchase Chromatic Brawlers of your choice using

    Chroma Credits



  • In order to purchase a Brawler with Chroma Credits, you have to meet the minimum requirements for that Brawler which is based on how many other Chromatic Brawlers you own at that moment

  • If all brawlers are collected,

    Chroma Credits

    can be used to purchase



  • The price for Chromatic Brawlers (in Chroma Credits and Gems) follows the normal Chromatic rarity decrease per season formula, i.e. during the season the value of the Brawler is Legendary, then Mythic and ultimately, Epic. In order to purchase the Chromatic Brawler of the current season, you also have to reach

    Tier 30

    in the Brawl Pass. The latest Chromatic Brawler cannot be directly purchased for Gems since it's better value to unlock it from the Premium Brawl Pass in this specific case.

New Brawler Releases on the Starr Road

Whenever we release a new Brawler on the Starr Road, you can choose to switch your current unlock progression to the new Brawler. However, we've put some rules in place to protect new and existing players from getting "stuck" unlocking a Brawler for too long.

  • In order to be eligible to unlock a newly released Brawler, you

    must have unlocked a Brawler of that rarity prior to the release

  • The decision window to switch to unlock the newly released Brawler is

    7 days

    , afterward, the Brawler will be moved to the end of the Starr Road

  • Once you've made the decision to unlock a newly released Brawler, you can decide to abandon the unlocking process and go back to unlocking the previous Brawler you were working towards to - if you choose to do so, you will not be able to go back to unlocking the newly released Brawler and it will be moved to the end of the Starr Road

Currency Changes


  • Power Points

    • All

      Brawler specific

      Power Points


      Wild Card Power Points

      now become

      Power Points

    • Power Points (PP)

      is now a currency which can be accumulated account wide

    • Max capacity a player can hold:



  • Credits

    • Used to

      unlock all non-Chromatic Brawlers

      through the new Starr Road

    • Gained from most sources (Brawl Pass, Trophy Road, Shop, Quests and Challenges)

  • Chroma Credits

    • Gained from the Brawl Pass Free Track or the Shop

    • Used to purchase Chromatic Brawlers from the

      Chromatic Shop

    • Max capacity a player can hold:


Brawl Pass

  • Rewards of the Brawl Pass have been significantly changed since Brawl Boxes have been removed from the game

  • Given the changes, now you can only "safe" one previous Brawl Pass season (down from two) - older seasons will be automatically claimed when you hit the limit

  • The "tail" reward for Brawl Pass changed from a Big Box for every 500 Tokens to specific Rewards:

    • Credits x 27

    • Coins x 145

    • Power Points x 38

Auto Claiming & Exceptional Compensation for Premium Brawl Pass owners

On December 12-2022 all unclaimed Brawl Boxes in your inventory will be automatically claimed. This affects the Brawl Pass (previous season and current season), the Trophy Road, and old saved Brawl Boxes prior to the introduction of the Brawl Pass. Brawlers released from December 12-2022 onward cannot drop from Brawl Boxes anymore, but you still can unlock older Brawlers from these boxes.

  • Players who purchased the Premium Brawl Pass


    the Update arrives on December 12-2022 will receive an additional starting grant of Credits based on your current, seasonal progress, i.e. the further you are in the Brawl Pass season before the update arrives, the more Credits you will receive!

  • Players who purchased the Premium Brawl Pass


    the Update arrives

    and players who purchase the Premium Brawl Pass during the current season

    (which ends on January 2-2023) will receive an exceptional one time compensation of

    80 Gems

    (worth USD 4.99) which can be claimed in the Shop!

Fallback Rewards

Any place where Brawl Boxes were given as fallback, rewards have been replaced.

  • When Power Points given, you now get Coins at a 1 Power Point to 2 Coins ratio.

  • Pin Packs on the Brawl Pass have a fallback reward of 275 Credits

Daily Shop

Since we've removed Brawl Boxes and Brawler specific Power Points as well as allow you to purchase Star Powers and Gadgets directly from the Brawler Page, we've made the decision to remove the Daily Shop in it's current form, however - we will keep offering you a FREE daily reward. We might re-introduce a Daliy Shop in the future.

  • The Daily Shop has been completely removed

  • A new daily FREE reward has been added to the Shop

  • Possible rewards:

    • Coins

    • Power Points

    • Credits

    • Chroma Credits


New Mythic Gears:

  • Crow - Increases damage done by poison effects by 30%

  • Leon - Increases super duration by 1s

  • Sandy - Decreases enemy damage by 10% while in sandstorm (Super)

  • Spike - Super now slows 50% more effectively

New Cosmetic Items

Pins x 64

  • Chester x 9 (animated)

  • Mandy + Magma Mandy x 18 (animated)

  • Gray x 9 (animated)

  • New Skins x 11

  • Old Skins x 9

  • Seasonal x 8 (animated)

New Sprays x 16

  • Legendary Brawlers x 7

  • Brawl Stars 4-Year Anniversary x 2

  • Candyland (Brawl Pass Season) x 2

  • Brawlentines x 2

  • Brawlidays Freebies x 2

  • Lunar Brawl x 1

Profile Icons x 21

  • Game Seniority x 4 (anniversary PP)

  • Seasonal + Update Theme x 17


  • Brawlidays Challenge

    (Earn Profile Pictures based on previous Brawlidays Pins)

  • Arcade Challenge

    (Earn a Profile Picture based on the new Arcade Skins)

  • Shelly Pin Set Challenge

    (All Shelly default Pins - Like the Nita Pin Set Challenge we had before)

  • Valentines Challenge

    (Duo Showdown Challenge - Get two halves of a heart)


  • Brawlers can now be defined as a quest reward

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes

  • 7 New Duels Maps in preparation for Duels becoming a permanent Game Mode

    • Hamilton's End

    • Black River

    • Petticoat Duel

    • Swallow Cut

    • No excuses

    • Gladiators

    • Hotheaded

  • Snowtel Thieves AKA Trophy Thieves AKA Present Plunder is... back!

Map Environment Changes


  • Candy Land (New)

  • Fighting Game

  • Mr. P's Snowtel


  • Retropolis

Balance changes


  • Mr. P

    • Increased base damage 720 → 760 (+5%)

      Mr. P has felt the effects of the economical outlook, but luckily has invested in the correct stonks and got some of his power back!

  • El Primo

    • Increased Super damage 800 → 960 (+20%)

      Eeeel Buffoooo! Giving him some more power for his super should allow for him to be more of a threat and have more burst to boot!

  • Colt

    • Increased Basic attack projectile speed 3804 → 4000 (+5%)

      A Colt change?! You read that correctly. Our resident gunslinger has fallen behind some of the newer, shinier projectile-based brawlers. Adding some projectile speed makes it slightly easier to land his shots, but still awards proper aiming and keeps him a higher-skill cap brawler.

  • Jessie

    • Increased Turret HP 3000 → 3300 (10%)

      Jessie and her turret have largely been outshined at higher levels of play, as her turret is very telegraphed and can be taken out usually without too much fuss. Giving it some more HP changes a few interactions, and also is a pseudo-buff to her ability to keep it alive with her Star Power. Scrappy, I choose you!

  • Bull

    • Increased Super damage 800 → 960 (+20%)

      Bull has been in basically the same boat as Primo, and hence could use a similar change as his super is quite underwhelming to use a lot of the time. Should now be a better engage and finisher.

  • Bibi

    • Increased Base HP 4400 → 4600 (+5%)

      While there haven't been many home runs for Bibi as of late, she's still doing better than before! Some HP should help her get in the face of some slipperier and pesky brawlers and actually manage to utilize her already quite impressive damage.

  • Grom

    • Increased Base damage 1100 → 1160 (+5%)

    • Increased basic attack projectile speed 800 → 880 (+10%)

      Faster bombs! Should help him hit his shots slightly better, but still allow time to dodge for those who have read the pattern correctly.

  • Dynamike

    • Reduced arming time of basic attacks 1100 ms → 1000 ms (-10%)

      The issue with our favorite explosive brawler is that the better you become at landing your shots, the better your opponents become at dodging. The delay for his dynamites to explode meant that most players found it quite easy to dodge them before activation. Reducing that window will make it a little harder to dodge and awards good aiming. This also means we are buffing Dyna-Jumps, but you can’t double Dyna-Jump anymore. We understand this might upset some Dyna-Jumpers, but before doing what you do best on Social Media, please, let us know if the buff worked for him! We can adjust the jump later.

  • Sam

    • Increased Base HP 5200 → 5400 (+4%)
      He's had a hard time delivering the punches he's capable of after the previous nerfs to his star power. A hitpoint change should help him be more effective without the healing star power, and also in turn buffs it slightly, but still not to the same extent as pre-nerfs. Hopefully, the revenge against the robots will return.

  • Gene

    • Gear - Talk to the hand - Tiles increased from 1 → 3

      The range was longer but we kept missing his Super, so it’s probably something wrong with the Gear


  • Otis

    • Reduced base damage 460 → 440 (-5%)
      (Joke about a sea creature coming to the surface)

      His versatility along with his damage made him a really good pick most of the time after his previous buff, so tuning down his damage should allow for him to still be quite good, but also allow for other brawlers to fill his role adequately.

  • Griff

    • Reduced Super attack Super charge by around 23%

    • Reduced main attack Super charge by around 10%

      As ironic as it sounds, was in stonks streak for too long. He simply had too easy of a time to get his super and cycle it, now Griff players have to be a bit more mindful of when to use the super, and will also award better aiming.

  • Buster

    • Reduced base damage 1580 → 1480 (6%)

    • Reduced Base HP 5000 → 4800 (4%)

    • Buster, while not super busted, was a tad too powerful, especially in skilled hands. Tuning down some of his damage and base hp makes it easier for more brawlers to go toe to toe with him. He’s still the best bro you can find in Starr Park though.

  • Gale

    • Reduced Super charge from basic attacks 120 → 90 (-25%)

    • Reduced super charge from super 170 → 100 (-40%)

    • Reduced Twister Gadget duration 200 → 100 (-50%)

      Gale has been the king of control and is THE go to pick for most brawl ball maps due to his stellar defence, but also singlehandedly can counter nearly every tank in the game. Like Mr.P, we don’t wanna retire him either, but it's clear he was able to cycle super and be able to shut down a vast majority of brawlers, not only tanks. Reducing his control slightly means you now have to land more shots to get access to that control and burst.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved game performance on lower-end iOS devices

  • Added VFX for Frankengrom