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Brawl Stars — Nov 15, 2022

#GhostStation Update Notes!

Maintenance 15/11

Nerfing Buster! (sad Buster noises)

- Utility Belt healing nerf from 1000 to 500
- Super Charge nerf: he now needs more basic attacks, depending on range, to charge his super
- Main damage nerfed from 1700 to 1580
- Health nerf from 5600 to 5000

Maintenance 8/11


- Players were not being able to use Wild Card Power Points on Buster if they were still having some Brawlers to power up


- Nerfed Damage gear from 20% boost to 15% boost
- Nerfed Reload gear from 20% boost to 15% boost

Optional Update 31/10 (iOS released on 04/11)


- Brawlers with the Reload Gear having weird coloring
- Upgrade Brawler button being on while not having enough Power Points
- Renderer crash issues on certain Android Devices (S22)

Maintenance 27/10

- Bonnie is back!

Maintenance 26/10

- Fixed chat filtering not working properly
- Fixed bugs related to the new Gears (including Lou Super charge)
- Fixed some localization errors with SCID and other SCID-related issues
- Fixed issues related to Club League matchmaking

Maintenance 25/10

- Fixed issues with Replays, Spectating, and Brawl TV

New Brawler


Buster is a tank Brawler who can protect his teammates. He is the projector guy at the Starr Park cinema, where he works with his best buddy, Fang. They both dream about becoming action movie stars!
Basic: Lens Flare - Buster shoots a cone of light from his projector, damaging all enemies within range

  • Trait: Buster charges Super by staying close to his teammates

  • Main Attack: Lens Flare

    • Buster shoots a cone of light from his projector, damaging all enemies within range

  • Super: Montage

    • Buster projects a shield in front of him, blocking all enemy projectiles and reflecting the energy toward enemies. Attacks from above or from the side can still hit him.

  • Gadget 1: Utility Belt

    • Buster heals himself and all nearby allies for 1000 health for each ally in his Super charge area

  • Gadget 2: Slo-Mo Replay

    • Buster's next Lens Flare pulls enemies towards him and slows them down for 2 seconds

  • Star Power 1: Blockbuster

    • Buster's Lens Flare deals 15% more damage for each ally in his Super charge area

  • Star Power 2: Kevlar Vest

  • While Montage is active, Buster takes 20% less damage and is immune to knockbacks, slows, and stuns

New Season! - The #Ghost Train

New Skins

  • Trash Panda Penny (Brawl Pass)

  • Chainsaw Buster (Brawl Pass)

  • Inspector Colette (Power League)

  • Pizza Oven Ash (Club League)

  • FrankenGrom (149 Gems) - We are currently reworking his custom VFX

  • Zombrock (Challenge or 29 Gems)

  • G-Force Janet (29 Gems)

  • First Blob Squeak (79 Gems)

  • Rage Quit Tara (World Finals Reward or next year for 149 Gems)

  • Omega Box Darryl (Special Event)

New Cosmetics Items

Animated Pins

  • Buster + Skin (18)

  • Frankengrom (9)

  • New Special Pins (12)

    • Crow, Leon, Mortis, Sprout, Frank, Jacky, Bull, Darryl, Tick, 8-Bit, Pam, Gale

  • New Skin Pins

    • First Blob Squeak, G-Force Janet, Inspector Colette, ZomBrock, Pizza Oven Ash, Trash Panda Penny, Rage Quit Tara, Special Merchant Gale Pin, Omega Darryl, Wicked Stu, and Trash Poco

  • New Esport Pins (8)

New Sprays

  • New Brawler Sprays

    • Mortis, Gene, Max, Squeak, Byron, Sprout, Tara, Mr.P

  • Challenge and Events

    • Denied, Even Harder Challenge (Grand Masters), Ghost Train (1, 2, 3), Rock, Paper, Scissors, Single’s day Spray

New Profile Pictures

  • Challenge and Events

    • Omega Box, World Finals, Action Heroes, Brawl Ball

Gears Rework

  • Gear Tokens and Scrap have been removed from the game (and won't drop from Boxes anymore)

  • The amount of Coins in Boxes has been increased accordingly

  • Removed all equipped Gears for all players and reimbursed all Scrap, Gear Tokens, and Gears (all levels) as Coins

    • The reimbursement was based on every Scrap and Gear Token ever collected since they were introduced

    • You’ll get 2.25 Coins for every 1 Scrap, and 217.5 Coins for every Gear Token

  • Gears can now be purchased for Coins from the Brawler Screen once a Brawler reaches Power Level 10

  • Gears now have rarities:

    • Super Rare = Gears available for all Brawlers (1,000 Coins)

    • Epic = Gears available for some Brawlers (1,500 Coins)

    • Mythic = Gears available for fewer Brawlers (2,000 Coins)

      • At the moment, the current design for Mythic is that they are only available for 1 Brawler. But this might change in the future once we introduce more Mythic gears

  • New Gears!

    • Reload Speed (Epic/1,500 Coins)

      • Description: 20% faster RELOAD

      • Brawlers:

        • Belle

        • Eve

        • Lola

        • Bo

        • Brock

        • Colt

        • 8-Bit

        • Amber

        • Rico

        • Griff

    • Super Charge (Epic/1,500 Coins)

      • Description: Super CHARGES 10% FASTER

      • Brawlers:

        • Ash

        • Lou

        • Otis

        • Bull

        • Nani

        • Bonnie

        • Edgar

        • Sprout

        • El Primo

        • Jacky

    • Talk to the Hand (Mythic/2,000 Coins)

      • Description:

        • Increases Magic Hand range by 1 Tile

      • Brawler:

        • Gene

    • Thicc Head (Mythic/2,000 Coins)

      • Description:

        • Tick's Headfirst now has 1,000 additional hitpoints

      • Brawler:

        • Tick

  • We plan to release new gears frequently with most (if not all) updates!

Reporting System 1.0: Power League

  • You can now report players at the end of a Power League for griefplay*

  • We are starting the first version of our reporting system with a very straightforward implementation to capture griefplay during Power League matches, which will help us to prepare for a wider rollout of the feature across other game modes, especially to identify the amount of reporting in general and the number of repeat-reports for individual players

  • We will start to action offenders with in-game bans following the rollout of this update and keep improving the system in future updates


*What is Griefplay?

"Griefplay refers to play styles where a player intentionally disrupts the gaming experience of other players."

Star Powers & Gadgets

  • Gadgets and Star Powers can now be purchased with coins directly from the Brawler Screen once a Brawler reaches Power 7 and 9

  • Cost:

    • Gadget (1,000 Coins)

    • Star Power (2,000 Coins)

  • Notice: Star Powers and Gadgets will not show up in the daily mini shop anymore, but they will


    drop from Boxes for the time being!

Challenges // Events

  • The EVEN HARDER Challenge - 21 wins total with rebuys - Grand Masters Spray

  • Rock Paper Scissor Challenge - You get the Rock from the challenge, Scissor for an offer, and Paper from a quest. All of them will be in the shop after the event

  • Brawloween Challenge - 3 Train Sprays; beat it with your friends and get 3 parts of a Train! Then the biggest challenge is coordinating with your teammates to use them correctly!

  • Action-Duo Challenge - Together with G-Force Janet and Commando Squeak - Together with a quest for the Deny Spray - Reward of this challenge: 2 Action heroes player profiles


  • One of the daily quest slots is replaced with a Generic Quest:

    • Win X matches

    • Deal X damage

    • Do X healing

  • Generic quests can not be rerolled or be rerolled into

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes

  • New Practice Match Mode

    • When using the "Try" functionality in-game, you can now choose between the Training Grounds and Practice Match (new)

    • Practice Match will allow you to play any Brawler (including locked ones) in a Practice Match

    • Game Modes (permanent) and Maps and randomized

    • You can exit Practice Matches at any point at your own convenience

  • Friendly Games

    • Duplicate Brawlers are now allowed in Friendly (non-ranked format) matches

  • Maps

    • We are not making any changes to the current rotation

    • Purple Paradise is once again available for Friendly Games

Map Environment Changes


  • Ghost Metro Station (new)

  • Retropolis

Balance changes



  • Base HP 2200 → 2300

    Meg still hasn't found a foothold, even after the latest buffs. Allowing her to play a bit riskier in her small form should allow her to also get to her mech more often and as a result, be more of a menace


  • Basics - Damage - 700 → 760

    Barley's brew has been less potent for a while now, so it's about time we spice up the recipe


  • Basics - Damage - 370 → 400

    Eve has been less relevant since the last round of nerfs she received. While we do not want to go back to her oppressive state, we feel it's safe to roll back the latest damage nerf to allow her to be a more viable pick


  • Scale shield and heal amounts with power levels:

    • healing 1000 → 800-1200.

    • shield 3600 → 2600-3900

  • Increase super projectile speed - changed from 3200 to 3600

  • Gadget - Kooky Popper - dmg - 1800 -> 1400

  • Gadget - Soul switcher - HP cost - 30%->15%

  • Allow super to go through walls

    Gus's power level was challenging for us to gauge, but after the meta has settled, it's clear he's on the weaker side. A big part of this is his super, as mostly you do not want to risk using it and missing a teammate. Making the projectile speed significantly faster not only makes it easier to hit teammates but allowing it to pierce walls will allow for some really neat teamwork and make Gus feel like the support he's supposed to be!
    Along with this, we made his heal and shield values scale with power level, as he was extremely strong at lower power levels from a raw numbers perspective and less so at higher levels. This change in practice means he's a bit weaker at lower powers and a bit stronger higher up.


  • Spirit Slap Star Power effect has changed to: "Gene's Magic and also damages enemies, dealing 1000 damage on hit"

    His previous Star Power wasn't providing the value we wanted and definitely not a good competitor against Magic Puffs



  • Basics - Damage - 800 → 760

    Poco's newest songs have been way too deadly, and while we all love a good fiesta, it's clear that he needs to be tuned down a bit.


  • SP - Hearty Recovery - Missing health % - 30 → 20

    Even though Sam has a really high-skill floor, his healing SP has proven to be very strong. Tuning it down should allow for more brawlers to be able to burst him down effectively.


  • Gadget - Speed Zone - Added HP decay

    Added decay to the spawnable Gadgets to have consistency between the ones in the game


  • Gadget - Honey Molasses - Added HP decay for CoNsIsTeNcY

Bug Fixes

  • Improved performance on low-end devices

  • Fixed an issue where Explosives would not go off after the end of a round (e.g., Piper grenades in Brawl Ball after scoring)

  • Fixed an issue where Janet's aiming indicator would be invalid after using the Backstage Pass gadget

  • Fixed an issue where Janet's Gadget VFX persisted after being teleported

  • Fixed various UI issues

  • Fixed various Pin issues (including missing VO)

  • Fixed Ivy Belle's missing shake VFX when shooting

  • Fixed an issue where Local Leaderboards weren't updated when players/clubs changed country

  • Fixed an issue where empty clubs could take up Leaderboard spots

  • Fixed an issue where inactive leaders of clubs were not automatically rotated after 14 days of inactivity



  • Ghost Station

  • Brawl-o-Ween

  • Action Heroes


Gem offset purchase

You can now use Gems to complete your Coins purchase if you don’t have enough Coins. This currently works for Gadgets, Star Powers, Gears, and upgrading Brawlers

End of Support for OS versions lower than iOS 11 and Android 7.0

Due to technical reasons beyond our control, we are unfortunately forced to end support for all Apple and Android devices running on OS versions lower than iOS 11 and Android 7.0. If your device is currently running on an operating system lower than iOS 11 or Android 7.0, you will no longer be able to play Brawl Stars unless you update to a newer iOS or Android operating system. Please update to iOS version 11 (or higher) / Android 7.0 (or higher) as soon as possible.

Instructions on how to update your devices can be found here:

Fallback Rewards

  • Quests and Challenges with specific rewards such as Pins, Profile Icons or Sprays will now have a fallback reward in case a player already owns the original reward


  • New onboarding flow for Gadgets

  • New onboarding flow for Gears