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Brawl Stars — Apr 6, 2021

#Goldarmgang Update Notes

We are going back to the Wild West roots with the #Goldarmgang Season!

Here are all the changes and additions you will see in Brawl Stars during the next Months!

New Brawler - Belle

Belle is the Chromatic Brawler of this Brawl Pass season and she’s an outlaw and the leader of the Gold Arm Gang that terrorizes every town’s bank!

  • Main Attack: Shocker

    • A long-range electric shot that starts to bounce between enemy targets after it has connected to a target. The attack keeps bouncing back and forth among enemy brawlers until they spread out!

  • Super Ability: Spotter

    • A long-range shot that marks a single target to receive more damage from all sources. Only one target can be marked at a time and it only goes away once the target is eliminated.

  • Gadget: Nest Egg

    • Belle drops a trap that explodes on contact and slows enemy targets within the explosion range.

  • Star Power #1: Positive Feedback

    • Belle gets a damage-reducing shield when an enemy is electrocuted by her main attack.

  • Star Power #2: Grounded

    • Belle's Super also prevents the marked target from reloading for a while.

New Mythic Brawler - Squeak (Will be released in late May)

Squeak is part of the Ruff’s Star Force trio and he is an alien being that evolved from the cumulative drool on Ruffs’ Toys.

  • Main Attack: Sticky Blomb

    • A sticky blomb that attaches to enemies or surfaces upon contact and explodes after a short duration.

  • Super Ability: Big Blob

    • Squeak lobs a larger bomb that splits into 6 Sticky Blombs.

  • Gadget: Windup

    • Increases the next main attack range.

  • Star Power #1: Chain Reaction

    • Increases the damage of Sticky Blomb based on how many enemy Brawlers are inside the explosion radius.

  • Star Power #2: Super Sticky

    • Big Blob explosion also slows enemies down

New Skins & Visual Improvements

New Skins

  • Archvillain Bea | Supercell MAKE | 79 Gems

  • Neko Bea | 79 Gems

  • Gold Neko Bea | 149 Gems

  • Lantern Sandy | 149 Gems

  • Marshal Ruffs | 79 Gems

  • Belle Goldhand | Brawl Pass (Tier 70)

  • Gunslinger Colt | Brawl Pass (Tier 1)

  • Saloon 8-Bit | Power League | 25,000 Star Points

  • Quickdraw Edgar | 79 Gems

  • Misfortune Tara | 149 Gems

  • Amber de la Vega | 149 Gems

  • DIY Surge | 49 Gems

  • True Silver/Gold | 10,000/25,000 Coins

    • Nita

    • Spike

    • Gene

Animated Pins: Leon, Rosa, Penny, Emz, Carl, Bea, Jacky, Gene, Barley, and Mr.P.

Animated faces: Emz, Super Fan Emz, Barley, Maple Barley, Wizard Barley, Rosa, Brawloween Rosa, Darryl, Carl, Road Rage Carl, Leonard Carl, Captain Carl, Nani, Retro Nani, Sally Nani, Tara, Gene, Pirate Gene, Evil Gene.

Seasonal Events

  • Brawl Pass Season 6: The Goldarm Gang

  • Lantern Brawl

  • Golden Week

  • China Launch Anniversary + 1-Year Anniversary Challenge

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes

  • Takedown and Lone Star might return during this season!

  • New elimination-style game mode:


    • 3vs3 with no respawns. Defeated Brawlers stay out for the rest of each round.

    • The first team to win 2 rounds wins the match.

    • The team that eliminates the most enemies wins the round. In case of a draw, the team who dealt more damage wins.10 maps in rotation

    • Runs for the entire Season 6!

Power League

  • Improved visual feedback during the Ban & Pick flow

  • Map pool has been refreshed and there are now 4 maps available per game mode

    • Bounty: Shooting Star, Canal Grande, Dry Season, Open Plaza

    • Brawl Ball: Super Stadium, Backyard Bowl, Sneaky Fields, Triple Dribble

    • Gem Grab: Ice Fort, Hard Rock Mine, Minecart Madness, Flooded Dam

    • Heist: Hot Potato, Safe Zone, Turnaround, Snaked Assault

    • Hot Zone: Split, Dueling Beetles, Triumvirate, Ring of Fire

    • Siege: Nuts & Bolts, Bot Drop,Factory Rush, Robo Highway

  • Added current season Rank visibility to multiple places

  • Added Power League season Quest progress display in the match end screen

  • Added Leaderboard position display to the match end screen for the top 500 players in Masters+ Rank, this replaces the progress bar that is not visible in the highest Rank

  • Leaderboard access during off-season added to upcoming Power League teaser screen

  • Progression changes will now happen faster in ranks Diamond and above

  • Adjusted Rank decay between Seasons

    • Bronze:

      No decay

    • Silver:

      No decay

    • Gold:

      -1 rank

    • Diamond:

      -1 rank

    • Mythic:

      -2 ranks

    • Legendary:

      -2 ranks

    • Masters:

      -3 ranks

Map Maker

  • Support for creating Siege, Hot Zone, and Duo Showdown maps

Brawler Balance


  • Barley

    • Main Attack damage increased from 680 to 700

    • Main Attack range increased by 9%

  • Carl

    • Main Attack range increased by 10%

  • Spike

    • Main Attack reload speed increased by 5%

  • Lou

    • Main Attack damage increased from 400 to 440

    • Freeze duration increased from 1s to 1.5s

  • Poco

    • Main Attack Super charge rate increased from 5 to 4 hits

  • Frank

    • Main Attack damage increased from 1200 to 1240

    • Super ability damage increased from 1200 to 1240

  • Surge

    • Main Attack damage increased from 1120 to 1180

  • EMZ

    • Bad Karma damage effect increased from 20% to 25%

  • Jacky

    • Counter Crush range increased by 33%


  • Bibi

    • Batting Stance shield decreased from 30% to 20%

  • Mr. P

    • Main Attack damage decreased from 760 to 720

    • Porter Reinforcements Porter health reduced from 1400 to 700 and damage reduced from 260 to 200

  • Stu

    • Health reduced from 3200 to 3000

    • Main Attack damage reduced from 600 to 580

  • Amber

    • Main Attack reload speed decreased by 10%

  • Colonel Ruffs

    • Main Attack interval increased from 50ms to 200ms between shots

    • Health reduced from 3000 to 2800

  • Byron

    • Main Attack damage reduced from 380 to 340

  • Sprout

    • Main Attack damage reduced from 1020 to 980

    • Garden Mulcher health restoration reduced from 2000 to 1500

  • Tick

    • Main Attack damage reduced from 680 to 640


  • Added support for rewinding/forwarding time while watching a replay

  • Added a Training Room preview option for locked content such as Trophy Road Brawlers, Brawl Pass Brawlers/skins, and so on.

Bug Fixes

  • Made Gadget spawnable objects' positioning now more predictable near walls (for example Bo's Super Totem)

  • Fixed an issue where jumping Brawlers could avoid the projectile and damage from Nani's Return to Sender Gadget