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Brawl Stars — Sep 30, 2021

Meg Update - Release Notes


  • Fixed brawler models sometimes being all black on iOS


Optional Client - Already available for both Android and iOS!

  • Fixed anti-aliasing on iOS 15

  • Fixed Meg’s face when in her Mecha

  • Fixed Star Power/Gadget selection in Power League/Friendly Games

  • Fixed the minecart animation in Minecart Madness

  • Fixed some overflow issues on smaller iPads

  • Fixed some Localization issues

Fixed with Maintenance:

  • Fixed 8-bit Super not giving consistent damage boost between skins

  • Fixed some Bo skins having increased attack radius


Balance changes


  • Health Points decreased from 5000 to 4600

  • Damaged decreased from 1280 to 1160

  • Hardy Hat: Reduced damaged has been increased from 10 to 15%


  • Super is lost if Meg is defeated while activating it

  • Ammo reduced to 0 after the Mecha is destroyed

  • Health points start regenerating slower after exiting the Mecha


  • Fixes on the Skin selector

  • Fix for map names being flipped

  • Added creator credit to new maps

UPDATE 28/09

New Brawler - Meg

Meg is the third member of Max’s and Surge’s trio and she’s a smart vending machine repair girl who wants to be a hero like Max and Surge, and although they think she’s not ready to fight yet, Meg always joins the battle anyway!

  • Legendary Brawler

  • Main Attack (Normal form) - Clean Up

    • Weak (but courageous!) medium-range shot

  • Super Ability (Normal form) - Mega Machina

    • Call for her Mecha armor!

    • When in Mecha form Meg gets two different attacks and a lot more Health Points! But her Health Points decay over time

    • Once her Mecha HP reaches 0, she goes back to her normal form

  • Main Attack (Mecha form) - Crowd Control

    • A strong barrage of bullets (8 projectiles, 4 from each cannon)

  • Super Ability (Mecha form) - Feel the Steel

    • Her Super button then becomes a secondary attack! It’s a melee swipe causing lots of damage in a wide arc

    • This attack charges automatically and doesn't get charged with normal attacks

  • Gadget - Jolting Volts

    • Heal mecha by 450 health per second for 5 seconds

  • Star Power - Force Field

    • Her normal form gets a 35% shield for 30 seconds after a mecha suit is destroyed.

  • Star Power - Self Destruction

    • Upon expiring, the mecha suit explodes dealing 1000 damage to nearby opponents and pushing them away

New Skins & Visual Improvements

New Skins

  • SC MAKE - Gladiator Colette - 149 gems

  • V8-Bit - Challenge Reward - 79 gems - Available after the challenge

  • Gold/Silver

    • Brock, Poco, 8-bit, Pam, Max

Animated Pins

  • Brawl-o-ween Rosa

  • Brawlidays Pins

  • Dark Lord Spike - Unlocked for the Skin owners

  • Lunar New Year Pins

  • Meg Pins are also animated!

Game Modes

  • Added more animating banners for Showdown, Brawl ball and Bounty!

  • Showdown+

    • Defeating a brawler now gives +2 trophies, and if you get defeated you lose 2

Skin Selector Improvements

  • An easier way to select your skin!

  • Also adding an option to randomize your skin every match (among the ones you already have)

Seasonal Events

  • Return to Retropolis

    • Acquire all Retropolis skins and receive an exclusive pin for each brawler!

    • Retropolis Skins are now seasonal


  • Return to Retropolis

    • 2 maps per stage

    • 5 stages

    • Re-buys enabled

    • V8-Bit is the final reward

    • All maps have the Retropolis environment theme


  • Pins can now be used in club chat!

Friends Screen/Menu

  • Invite window now shows the game mode you currently have selected

  • There are now two status changes, you can now signal to your friends that you are looking for a team or that you are a team looking for a player

Brawler Balance


  • Brock

    • Increased main attack explosion radius by 50%

      - In an effort to provide each long-range damage dealer with their own niche, Brock's abilities now focus more on his ability to deal area and splash damage. The nerfs to his main attack range and damage are meant to off-set his new area damage potential

  • Jacky

    • Removed delay on super activation

    • Jacky can move and attack earlier after activating her super

      - Jacky's Super "Holey Moley!" was too weak and never really fulfilled its intended role, mainly due to the involved delay timers. Removing the delay and allowing Jacky to be more mobile should allow her to become more of a threat when she activates her Super


  • Brock

    • Reduced main attack damage from 1220 to 1160

    • Rocket Fuel - Removed the bonus damage from the Gadget

    • Main attack - Range decreased(30->27) to offset for explosion increase

  • Belle

    • Reduced Main attack damage from 1100 to 1040

    • Reduced Main attack bounce damage from 550 to 520
      Despite the previous nerfs

      - Belle still dominated in several game modes and maps. Reducing her damage from the main attack (and indirectly bounce damage) should bring her more in line with other long-range damage dealers and less of a must-pick


  • Carl

    • Heat Ejector fire now follows the next main attack rather than Carl himself

      - Carl's Gadget "Heat Ejector" was only useful when fleeing from an engagement or in conjunction with his Super. This change will give the Gadget more versatility, allow for more interesting plays and give him more area control capabilities which is in line with the rest of his kit

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where wizard Byron animations were breaking when airborne

  • Fixed an issue where Edgar Fisticuffs Star Power increased the timer of the movement speed boost after jumping

  • Fixed an issue where spikes gadget would not get launched by jump pads

  • Fixed an issue where Lunar Piper skin would cause minor screen shake when she starts moving