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Brawl Stars — Apr 3, 2023

#MysteryAtTheHub Patch Notes!

Maintenance - April 3rd

More fixes to Willow! ;_;

  • Fixes to her Sound and Visual Effects

  • Fixes to her attack logic (now she can break the breakable objects!)

Maintenance - March 30th

Before Willow is out there, we are fixing a bunch of bugs related to her mechanics and making some changes:

  • A bunch of fixes related to her mind-controlling Super

  • Willow’s main attack now deals damage on impact

  • Willow’s Super Charge is a bit faster now, from 5 to 4 ammo

Maintenance - March 8th

We are removing the LINE Messenger integration with Brawl Stars, so you can no longer add your friends using LINE. Players don’t need to take any action regarding this case.

The reason why we are doing this is that this integration was crashing the game for some players

It’s important to mention that:

  • You will lose the friends added through LINE Messenger

  • You won’t lose your account progress

Other fixes:

  • Fixed player profile not saving your customization properly

  • Fixed an issue with Duo Showdown spawns for two new maps

  • Removed unbreakable walls from Basket brawl

  • Improved a few maps with unbreakable walls (including Brawl Ball and Duel maps)

  • Fixed "ghost" friend requests for a few players

  • Localized Titles have been changed - They are now closer to the English meaning (if it makes sense)

Fixes in the optional update (already available!)

  • Fixed shelly voice line playing for other player profiles no matter the brawler selected as favorite

  • Fixed an issue where tapping a profile from friend requests or suggested friends crash the game

  • Fixed visual issues in the Shop and in the Battle Start Screen

  • Fixed a rare crash issue when editing your own profile

  • Fixed a rare crash issue with Gray's Super

  • Removed the connection warning in the pre-battle start for fast devices

New Brawler: R-T (Chromatic)

  • Attack: Tap Target/Eat Static

    • Fire a projectile that marks a target. Any damage to a marked target will consume the mark, dealing bonus damage

    • If split, R-T and his legs blast a strong signal, damaging all targets around them

  • Super: Hide and Seek/Radar Waves

    • If not split, R-T splits, leaving behind its legs and giving its head a movement speed boost and changing his attack to be AoE (area of effect). Destroying either legs or head destroys both. Attacking as the head makes the legs do the same attack. Both mark enemies. The legs take reduced damage while split.

    • If split, R-T becomes whole, teleporting to its legs, healing and getting a temporary damage reduction buff

  • Gadget: In Line

    • R-T signals its legs while split, damaging and slowing all enemy brawlers between the two

  • Gadget: Hacks!

    • Instantly trigger all active marks on all Brawlers, dealing their damage

  • Star Power: Recording

    • R-T head and his legs take 20% less damage while split

  • Star Power: Quick Maths

    • Tap Target marks last 3 seconds longer

New Brawler: Willow (Mythic)

  • Attack: Lantern’s Curse

    • Willow lobs her lantern, dealing damage over time to enemies hit in an area

  • Super: Hex

    • Shoots a single tadpole that latches onto an enemy and fully heals them. If it hits, take control of the enemy brawler for a short duration, allowing use of basic attack only

      and making them unfriendly for their team. Mind control breaks If the enemy brawler reaches 30% max hp or after 4 seconds

  • Gadget: Spellbound

    • The next basic attack will apply the entire damage portion in the initial damage rather than over time. Increase damage by 30%

  • Gadget: Dive

    • Willow dives for 2 seconds. Becoming "untargetable" but unable to take any action

  • Star Power: Love is Blind

    • Ignite now also reduces reload speed by affected brawlers by 25%

  • Star Power: Obsession

    • The mind controlled enemy gains 75% movement speed while mind controlled

New Skins

Season: MYSTERY AT THE HUB - License to Brawl Skins

  • El Mayordomo (Brawl Pass Tier 1, 79 Gems)

  • Crimson R-T (Brawl Pass Tier 70, 149 Gems)

  • Mariposa Piper (Power League, 25,000 Star Points/149 Gems)

  • Detective Gray (79 Gems)

  • Detective Gray Noir Edition (Only available for Detective Gray owners - 29 Gems)

  • Alleycat Bull (149 Gems)

The Ayakashi Clan

  • Oni Otis (149 Gems)

  • Tengu Mike (149 Gems)

  • Kitsune Lola (149 Gems)


  • Bunny Penny (79 Gems)

  • Dark Bunny Penny (10,000 Star Points, 79 Gems)

  • Tanuki Jessie (149 Gems)

  • Beach Jessie (79 Gems)

More Skins!

  • Bell Nani (79 Gems) | Easter

  • Sultan Carl (149 Gems) | Lunar Brawl

  • Pop Star Janet (79 Gems)

  • Spirit Knight Frank (149 Gems) | Supercell MAKE

  • Patrol R-T (29 Gems)

  • Axl Willow (29 Gems)

True Silver/Gold

  • Gus

  • Gray

  • Chester

  • Sam

  • Buster

  • Mandy


What are Masteries?

Masteries are a new progression system that replaces the current Experience Levels. Your current Experience Level will be saved and be visible in the Legacy section of your Player Profile.

It's all pretty straight forward: you gain points with the Brawler you are playing by winning matches (Trophy League) or rounds (Power League and Club League). Gained points are multiplied based on your current Trophies and Power League rank as well as by becoming MVP of a match. The higher you are in Trophies/Power League/Club League ranks, the more Mastery Points you earn by winning. Given our previous experiences with Quests and how challenging it can be to create meaningful Quests (Pass the Ball anyone?!) which still have the goal of winning the game, we've decided to go with a pure win criteria instead of specific Quests.

Players will get an additional 20% more Mastery Points if they are the Star Player in a match.

Other things you should know!

  • All players start at Mastery Level 1

  • Mastery Points (and Levels) are earned per Brawler

  • Mastery Points (and Levels) only increase, you don't lose them by losing games (or rounds)*

  • Mastery does not reset

  • There is a daily cap for earning Mastery Points (similar to Experience Levels before) to make sure people play reasonable amounts of Brawl Stars per day and nobody goes completely bonkers!

    • If you reach that cap, it’s a good reminder to take a break :D

* To give some more context on this decision: our goal was to create a system that is inclusive and accessible, rather than creating a new system only few people in our community will care about. The rationale is that if you play a Brawler long enough to gain the highest level of Mastery you will also have a higher likelihood of getting better at playing this Brawler throughout this journey.

What do you get for becoming a Master in a Brawler?

  • A cool new icon which is shown at the Battle Start and on your Brawler profile

  • Each Mastery Level unlocks one-time rewards, depending on the rarity of the Brawler: some rarities have better progression rewards than others

  • Rewards on the lower Levels are progression based (Coins, Power Points, Credits). Chroma Credits are only available on Chromatic Brawler Mastery tracks

  • Rewards on the higher Levels are exclusive cosmetic items (a new Pin, a secondary Profile Picture and a new cosmetic - Titles!)

New Battle Start

The Battle Start screen has been pretty much untouched since we've launched Brawl Stars globally in 2018 and we've decided that it's time to make some improvements. The new Battle Start flow will feature a map fly-through and then show a more detailed "player card" of the players who enter the match. It’ll have slightly different formats depending on the game mode

Player Card

The Player Card is a mix of pre-defined information and custom elements which are configurable by you. The specific items displayed on the Player Card are:

  • Player Name with color

    • Your account name

  • Player Title*

    • Unlocks at the last tier of the Mastery Track

    • Once unlocked, it can be used with any Brawler

  • Fame Level

    • Needs to be unlocked first

  • Mastery Level

    • Uses your current Mastery Level with the Brawler you are using

  • Brawler with the Skin

    • Uses your current Brawler, and the current Skin you are using

  • Pin

    • Any Pin you ever unlocked can be used - even if it’s Brawler specific

  • Profile Picture

    • Any Profile Picture ever unlocked can be used - you can use two at the same time

Cosmetic Items


  • Facepalm Pins for All Brawlers (on the Mastery track)

  • R-T Pins

  • Crimson R-T Pins

  • Willow Pins

  • Skin Pins for: Mariposa Piper, Detective Gray, El Mayordomo Primo, Alleycat Bull, Bell Nani, Popstar Janet, Sultan Carl, Kitsune Lola, Tengu Mike, Oni Otis, Spirit Knight Frank, Whalewatch Nita, Nutcracker Gale, Archvillain Bea, Underworld Bo, Horus Bo, Gladiator Colette, and DJ 3.M.Z

  • Event pins: Easter, Saint’s Patrick, Lunar Brawl (2 Pins), Popstar, Esports Brawlers (2 Pins), Bunny Penny, and Dark Bunny Penny

New Sprays

  • Brawl Pass (2 Sprays)

  • Brawler Specific Sprays for: Gale, Surge, Lou, Colette, Ruffs, Belle, Buzz, Lola, Eve, Fang, Janet, Otis, Sam, Buster, Mandy, R-T

  • Skin Sprays (6)

  • Event Sprays (6)

Profile Icons

  • Brawl Pass (2 Profile Pictures)

  • Unique Player Profiles for all Brawlers (on the Mastery track)

  • Skin Profile Pictures (5)

  • Events Profile Pictures (7)

NEW: Titles

  • 66 New Titles (on the Mastery track)

Balance changes


  • Sandy

    • Basic attack - Damage - 860 → 900

    • Sandy has been out of the meta for a while due to both his previous changes and the map pool. Putting some power back in for his basics should allow him to duel more brawlers efficiently, while keeping his Super's utility in check. Let's see if he's going to be slept on afterwards.

  • Byron

    • Basic attack - Reload Speed - 1600ms → 1450ms

    • Our favorite snake oil merchant has found his business declining after the previous reload nerf. While we do not want him to be as versatile as he was previously, it's clear we went too far, and dialing back half of it should allow for him to be a better pick in certain situations.


  • Gray

    • Super - Teammates no longer teleport instantly

    • Say CHEESE. Gray has been enabling all kinds of cheese variants, mostly popular one being the Gray, Jacky, Bo combo. While we really like the flashy plays Gray himself can make with his super, it doesn't have to extend to his teammates.

  • Sam

    • Super - Damage - 1400 → 1200

    • Knock kn... wait I did that joke in the last patch notes. Ah well, he's a bit too good at sniping low health brawlers with his glove, and now has to get up close and personal for longer to take brawlers down.

  • Otis

    • Base HP - 3400 → 3200

    • You know that feeling when you are last pick in a PL match and your brain is kind of drawing a blank but suddenly you see a squid-like, ink-spitting, silencing creature appear with an angel-choir in the background? Just me? Regardless, Otis has been way too versatile in the latest patch, especially in higher level gameplay. He has really few poor maps and matchups, so tuning down his HP means those matchups should decrease while keeping his versatility somewhat intact.

  • Grom

    • Basic Damage 1160 →1060

    • He's been the go-to thrower on most maps due to his sheer output, which will be even more apparent with the walls change. Tuning him down preemptively should allow for other throwers also to see some of the spotlight

  • Poco

    • Base HP - 4000 → 3700

    • Poco's solos have been melting faces a bit too effectively, and the wall change will increase this. For a brawler that has so much healing in his kit, he does not need to be as tanky as he is, so we're tuning it down a bit.


  • Bo

    • Gadget - Super totem - No longer passively charges supers, but increases super charge inside of the totem for teammates by 50%

    • Increase Gadget area by 100%

    • Related to above, Bo's totem has been a constant pain in the a- I mean problematic. Before, it was Nani that utilized it heavily, and now it's enabling Gray/Bo/x strats. While it's clever, it offers very little counterplay and feels bad to be on the receiving end of. Changing the mechanic entirely will reward players for hitting their shots, rather than standing still in a circle, which feels like a much better experience for both sides. Hopefully we won’t see more BOring (hehe, I’m so clever) strategies with the totem after this change.

New Permanent Slot: Community Events

With this update we're introducing a new Permanent Event Slot which gets unlocked at 350 Trophies, featuring two (2) Game Modes in a daily rotation. Community will be able to pick a different Game Mode for the upcoming season through a Social Media poll.

The first Game Modes featured will be:

  • Duels

  • Basket Brawl

The Return: Indestructible Walls

Indestructible Walls make a come-back to Brawl Stars and will be featured on most of our old maps. If you haven't been around during the early days of Brawl Stars when Indestructible Walls were a thing - it's really pretty straight forward: they are walls. They are indestructible. Fin. In combination with some of the balance changes, we hope the re-introduction of Indestructible Walls will significantly shake up things, and some maps will be a much friendlier place for characters with a short range or throwing projectiles. 

Note: Indestructible walls in Brawl Ball and Basket Brawl are not destroyed during overtime


We've made a few decisions around maps: the best five (5) maps in each Game Mode will stick around.

At the same time, we've decided to increase the pool of maps from seven (7) to eight (8) maps per Game Mode, which in practice means that if you are only playing on certain days (let's say the weekend), you will still experience a variety of maps every week. To complete the map pool, we'll re-introduce some old classics and introduce new maps created by our community.

The new Community Events slot will feature four (4) maps per Game Mode for a total of eight (8) maps in rotation, and all maps in this slot are new: we've incorporated community feedback about previous Duels maps into these new ones and made each of them more distinct, including a map which will undoubtedly be controversial: Grim Island.

We've also moved the spawn locations for all Duel maps further forward to save everyone some valuable time and get to the action just a bit faster. The new Basket Brawl maps had a similar philosophy: the (literally) smaller design space created a situation where many maps essentially felt identical or at least similar. The new maps have much clearer designs with more or less obvious meta implications.

  • Basket Brawl

    • Dancing Roof (New)

    • Basket Fort (New)

    • Iron Curtain (New)

    • Green Meadows (New)

  • Bounty

    • Active

      • Layer Cake

      • Temple Ruins

      • Dry Season

      • Shooting Star

      • Canal Grande

      • Crossroads (New)

      • Nowhere to Hide (New)

      • Iron Standoff (New)

    • Disabled

      • Excel

      • Hideout

      • Purple Paradise (Friendly only)

  • Brawl Ball

    • Active

      • Backyard Bowl

      • Pinhole Punt

      • Sneaky Fields

      • Super Beach

      • Beach Ball

      • Field Goal

      • Circular Motion (New)

      • Iron Corridor (New)

    • Disabled

      • Center Stage

      • Sunny Soccer

  • Duels

    • Iron Core (New)

    • Grim Island (New)

    • Four Lakes (New)

    • Mogura Tataki (New)

  • Gem Grab

    • Active

      • Crystal Arcade

      • Double Swoosh

      • Gem Fort

      • Hard Rock Mine

      • Minecart Madness

      • Acute Angle

      • Four Doors (New)

      • Solid Center (New)

    • Disabled

      • Deep Diner

      • Undermine

  • Heist

    • Active

      • Bridge Too Far

      • Hot Potato

      • Kaboom Canyon

      • Pit Stop

      • Safe Zone

      • Cover Crowd

      • Offset Heist (New)

      • Center Control (New)

    • Disabled

      • Tornado Ring

      • Snaked Assault

  • Hot Zone

    • Active

      • Parallel Plays

      • Ring of Fire

      • Dueling Beetles

      • Open Zone

      • Split

      • Triumvirate

      • Rush Hour (New)

      • Iron Cover (New)

    • Disabled

      • Quarter Pounder

      • Controller Chaos

  • Knockout

    • Active

      • X Marks the Spot

      • Goldarm Gulch

      • Belle's Rock

      • Out in the Open

      • Flaring Phoenix

      • Flowing Springs

      • Healthy Middle Ground (New)

      • Step by Step (New)

    • Disabled

      • Riverside

      • New Perspective

  • Showdown

    • Active

      • Skull Creek

      • Scorched Stone

      • Rockwall Brawl

      • Feast or Famine

      • Acid Lakes

      • Double Trouble

      • Hard Limits (New)

      • Lush Poles (New)

    • Disabled

      • Dark Passage

      • Cavern Churn

  • Ranked (PL/CL)

    • Bounty: Canal Grande, Shooting Star, Nowhere to Hide

    • Brawl Ball: Beach Ball, Pinhole Punt, Iron Corridor

    • Gem Grab: Hard Rock Mine, Double Swoosh, Acute Angle

    • Heist: Kaboom Canyon, Safe Zone, Center Control

    • Hot Zone: Split, Ring of Fire, Iron Cover

    • Knockout: Flaring Phoenix, Out in the Open, Belle's Rock

Map Environment Changes


  • The Hub (New)

  • Rooftop (New) | Basket Brawl

  • Tara's Bazaar


  • Mortis' Mortuary (Regular)

  • Mortis' Mortuary (Showdown)

  • Ghost Station

  • Snowtel

  • Fighting Game

Updated Brawler Classes

Based on Community Feedback, we've decided to expand on the existing Brawler Classes with this update to make things clearer for everyone.

  • Damage Dealer

Damage Dealers main role in the game is to deal damage to the enemy team and objectives. Left unchecked, they are a constant threat to the team. Damage Dealers can either field highly sustained DPS or burst damage. Typically Damage Dealers are well rounded, with a good mix between damage output and survivability. Due to their damage potential, they are best suited to deal with Tanks and Assassins - but can be countered by Marksmen and Artillery.

  • Assassin

Assassins have abilities within their primary skill kit that allows them to close the distance to their targets and eliminate them with high burst damage. Most, but not all, Assassins have relatively low hit points and rely on their skills to stay alive and get out of hairy situations - but not being dealt with, they can destroy the backline of an enemy team single handedly. Assassins are strong against Marksmen and Artillery and have a huge potential to carry the team on their backs, but they are hard countered by Tanks and need to be wary of Damage Dealers.

  • Marksman (New)

Marksmen deal high amounts of damage over very long distances. They typically utilize single-shot projectiles, have a slow rate of fire and slow reload speeds. Marksmen cannot rely on their hit points for survivability, but most of them have secondary skills which allow them to escape close encounters with other Brawlers, at least temporarily. Marksmen are strong against most classes on a long distance but lack the sustained DPS to deal with Tanks. Up and close Marksmen can be dealt with by all other classes, but due to their low hit points they are specifically vulnerable to Assassins and Artillery (once in range).

  • Artillery (New)

Artillery Brawlers throw or shoot projectiles over obstacles and walls and consequently can utilize the environment very effectively. They typically have low amounts of hitpoints and combine elements of Controllers and Damage Dealers. Their damage typically lacks burst potential and stopping power, which means they have a hard time dealing with Tanks and Assassins. However, their unique ability to use walls can make them very frustrating to deal with, and their sustained damage can make it almost impossible to recover hitpoints.

  • Tank

Tanks can take a significant beating, either through sporting the highest amounts of hitpoints of any Brawler in the game or through a combination of passive and active skills which allow their survival. Tanks are typically very strong in close range encounters and directly counter Assassins. They have a fair chance against Artillery/Marksmen if they manage to get close enough, but are susceptible to the high damage output of Damage Dealers which directly counter them.

  • Support

Support Brawlers primary skills are built around supporting their teams in different ways. They can either provide healing for their team or other abilities to enable or buff friendly Brawlers - increasing everyone's chance to victory. Support Brawlers typically have a low potential for burst damage but fair hitpoints and/or survivability, and are targets for any Brawler with a high burst potential - primarily Damage Dealers, Assassins, Marksmen and Tanks.

  • Controller (New)

Controllers primary skills are built around the idea of controlling specific areas of the map, either by shutting down areas proactively or reactively with Area of Effect (AoE) abilities, allowing their team to take advantage of displaced enemy positions. Controllers typically have a fair amount of hitpoints and have a fair bit of variation between burst and sustained damage.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few Skin VFXes

  • Fixed various localization issues

  • Fixed some pins not animating when used in chats


  • Added auto-donation for pins for certain Skins

    • Skins that have pins associated with them will be auto donated when you open the game

  • Additional Confirmations for shops

    • For all Gem purchases which didn't already have a double-confirmation for purchase, we've added an additional "confirmation" step to avoid frustration

    • Added additional confirmation dialogue to e.g. Club Shop

  • Club Shop QoL

    • Power Points can now always be purchased for Club Coins unless the Power Point balance is at cap

  • Added Support for Challenges with Unlimited Lives

  • Matchmaking Improvements for Team Modes

    • Once players have been found for a match, they are now more evenly distributed amongst both teams based on their total trophies

  • Added new security features in Supercell ID for India and Qatar