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Brawl Stars — Oct 9, 2019

October Balance Changes

A quick maintenance now so we can apply some balance changes to the game! We should be back soon!
Here are the changes:

Increased Main Attack Damage from 380 to 420
Increased Black Portal summoned Shadow Pet's Damage from 400 to 600

Increased Main Attack damage from 820 to 840
Increased Scrappy's Damage from 240 to 260

Increased Main Attack damage from 300 to 320
Increased Super Attack Damage from 300 to 320
Increased Extra Toxic Star Power enemy damage reduction from 13% to 16%

Increased Ambush damage from 500 to 800
Super Attack Poppin’ now drop the bombs in a fixed pattern on the ground

Increased Creepy Harvest health restoration from 1400 to 1800

Increased Magic Puffs healing from 200 to 300

Decreased Sandstorm charge rate from 5 attacks to 6 attacks required for a full charge
Decreased Rude Sands damage per second from 200 to 40

Decreased Batting Stance shield damage reduction from 40% to 30%
Decreased health from 4400 to 4300

Main Attack Minimines are now deployed in a fixed pattern on the ground
Decreased Minimines explosion radius by 6%
Decreased Minimines duration on the ground from 2.0s to 1.6s

Decreased Meteor Rush duration from 5s to 4s

Bug Fix:
Tara’s Healing Shade is now healing invisible targets