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Brawl Stars — Jun 4, 2020

Optional Update!

  • Brawl Pass UX improvements

    • Quests have been divided into categories (Daily, Season, Event) and timers have been added

    • Quest icons in Event Selection are now shortcut buttons to the Quest log

    • Brawler Menu now has a Quest filter button which sorts Brawlers with Quests to the top of the Brawler list

    • Brawl Pass now has shortcut buttons to navigate between rewards and milestones inside the track

    • Brawl Pass now remembers the previously viewed tab when accessed through the main Brawl Pass button

    • Brawl Pass Exclusive Quests are now highlighted for Premium Pass owners

    • Brawl Pass Exclusive Quests have been moved to the end of the list for Free Pass players

    • Gem counter is now visible in the Brawl Pass screen

    • Local notifications for Quests becoming available have been added

  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed an issue which caused missing Brawler names and health numbers during battle